Park Shin Hye loves to converse with fans, as noted in a Mamonde fan meeting last month, and also loves to dress fashionably! She always pulls of a casual yet chic look, and we wanted to look into her airport fashion. Here are 13 stylish photos of Park Shin Hye looking like a runway model at airport.


When: 2014/6/14
Where: Shanghai International Film Festival
What: Bruno Magli

Park Shin Hye designed Bruno Magli’s Stella bag, which can be worn as a tote, shoulder bag and backpack.


When: 2015/10/6
Where: Paris for Chanel 2016 S/S show
What: Chanel


When: 2016/3/21
Where: Manila for photoshoot
What: Bruno Magli’s 2016 S/S bag

As Bruno Magli’s longtime muse, the actress likes to wear their bags.


When: 2015/8/28
Where: China for fan meeting
What: Long cardigan and skirt


When: 2015/3/7
Where: London for InStyle photoshoot
What: Dr Martens Adrian loafers


When: 2015/3/5
Where: Filming a TV show in China

What: Zigzag-trimmed trench coat


When: 2015/6/12
Where: Hong Kong for Dream of Angel fan meeting
What: Bruno Magli


When: 2015/11/29
Where: Hong Kong for MNet Asian Music Awards
What: Green checkered coat and knee-high boots


When: 2013/6/27
Where: Thailand for vacation
What: Leopard bag and shorts


When: 2012/10/19
Where: Japan for K Collection in Okinawa
What: Prada Saffiano tote


When: 2012/8/11
Where: Hong Kong for You’re Beautiful
What: Black sweater with spiderweb details


When: 2014/7/24
Where: Japan for Story of Angel tour
What: Bruno Magli Fancy O


When: 2016/3/6
Where: Paris for Chanel 2016 F/W show
What: Black skinny jeans and white sneakers

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Photo courtesy as referenced or watermarked.