BurmesePython_China_01_odd_news4 Most people would run at the sight of a 220 pound python, but this 13-year-old boy named Azhe from Dongguan, China loves to cuddle with the snake all day. The boy's father apparently found a snake egg and brought it home. The BFFs have been sharing a bed since the snake was a few months old. BurmesePython_China_01_odd_news Azhe's parents feel very at ease with the pet snake, and they say that it is gentle. They would even leave Azhe alone with the python when they went to work. Azhe says that the snake is very careful and never squeezes him too hard. He states that if people understood animals better, they would all be kind to each other. Azhe wants to become a zoologist when he grows up. BurmesePython_China_01_odd_news3 Would you leave a child alone with a python? Even if they made as cute a pair as these two? (Source: www.qq.com)