With Halloween right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than by watching creepy, and dare I even say sexy, music videos from your favorite K-POP artists! The best part about it is, these artists were in the creep-tastic mood way before the Halloween season. So sit back, relax, and take a spooky scroll through these scary, dramatic, and eyeliner filled music videos!

14. BIGBANG Fantastic Baby

BIGBANG proved staying outside of the gates is a good thing! Who wants to run into people in chains, slashed chests, and frozen bodies?

13. 2PM Heartbeat

2PM creeped everyone out with dramatic hand movements and lifeless body intros. They even infused puppet and corpse like movements into their choreography!


BOYFRIEND proves in this MV that women are scary and can really mess a guy up! The boys go with the devil and angel theme here and let me just say if you're a Goong fan you will enjoy this! The boys look so handsome dressed in royal attire and can I add, I seriously love BOYFRIEND and the first singer Jeongmin is my bias! He's of legal age...I think (o_0)

11. DMTN E.R

Oh No! Poor DMTN! In E.R the guys have been in a fatal car accident and as a result get zipped in body bags, have their shirts cut open on the examiners table, and their spirits have to dance around topless. What makes this super creepy is the female medical examiner lays a kiss on the forehead of a lifeless Simon!

10. SS501 Love Ya

The guys of SS501 including leader Kim Hyun Joong are taking loving a girl to a whole new level! The famed oxygen dance, dramatic violins, and even Jungmin's cape! Nothing says creepy like a guy saying he can love you while wearing a cape and standing on the balcony of a castle!

9. A-Jax One 4 U

Some how the guys of A-Jax ended up in a parallel universe complete with dungeons and blob looking hooded creatures. This mv has everything from fire to shirtless caged group members!

8. Junsu Tarantallegra

Usually the thought of a being tied up in a dark dungeon with chains and video tape, hosted by a guy dressed up as a woman would seem like a nightmare; but I don't think it would be so bad if that guy turned out to be Junsu of JYJ...right?

7. G-Dragon Coup D' Etat

GD's mv is proof that crazy is scary. Nothing is scarier than someone who will stare you down and wear dark eyeliner to intensify the gaze on top of it! Besides, any human being who literally sheds their skin is creepy in my book.

6. 4Minute Volume Up

The girls of 4Minute creeped everyone out in lace and leather! Whispered intro, glowing red eyes, skinship with a snake, and not to mention gorgeous guys in suits standing around like possessed play things!

5. Jaejoong Mine

JJ was a vampire with fangs, wings, and scary chains and mouth restraints. Sexy? Yes. Cuddle worthy? Only if you're cool with bite marks.

4. BEAST Shadow

Nothing is creeper than a mv shot in black and white! Throw in scorpions, smoke, spiders, and Junhyung rolling his eyes in the back of his head, and you've got yourself a "scary" BEAST!

3. BTOB Thriller

BTOB decided dancing in a grave yard among skulls and bones was a great way to spook their fans!

2. VIXX Hyde

The VIXX guys had everything in their mv! Maggots, spiders,snakes,wings,zombie makeup and amazingly horrifying facial expressions!

1. DBSK Mirotic

Scary when one moment you're walking down a creepy hallway like a bunch of bosses and then the next moment some ghost lady kidnaps and tortures you!

Which music video creeped you out the most...in a good way?

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE