It seems like every time I go online I see hot new photos of Lee Min Ho. Not only is he a stellar actor with series like Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, Personal Taste, Faith, and the upcoming Heirs, but he, more than any Korean actor I know, has a huge repertoire of modeling shots. What makes him such a sought after model? Well, besides just naturally looking good in clothes, he has facial expressions that pull you in and make you all giddy! Here are 14 classic modeling faces that make us want more and more of Lee Min Ho. I know it's a lot to handle all at once, but just take your time...

1. The "I'm too sexy for my clothes" face.

Please, please, you don't need them!

2. The "Aegyo!" face.


3. The "smart is sexy" face.

I've always had a thing for guys with a brain, among other things...

4. The "Come cuddle with me" face.

Is there room in that jacket for me?

5. The "cheeky" face.

I just want to pinch them!

6. The "killer stare" face.

*Dropped DEAD*

7. The "Let the good times roll!" face.

You look like a good time!

8. The "Come hither stare" face.

Just try to stop me!

9. The "pouty" face.

It's ok, I'll comfort you in my arms!

10. The "flirty wink" face.

You little tease!

11. The "go with the flow" face.

Always so cool and confident.

12. The "prettier than you" face.

Sad, but true, but I don't really care!

13. The "GQ" face.

Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

And my personal all time favorite...

14. The "thinking of you" face.


What's your favorite face of Lee Min Ho? I know, I know, there's just no choosing, but try your best to keep it to three. Comment below!