Boarding House No. 24 has an ensemble cast that boasts an abundance of K-pop idols. While every idol plays a quirky character, there is something about each that is undeniably lovable... even if it's "love to hate." With that, let's learn more about the cast that brings the show to life. Here are 14 facts about the cast of Boarding House No. 24!

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1. Actor Kim Kwang Kyu holds a degree in Literary Language from the Nation University of Korea. He also holds a degree in Theatre and Film from the Busan Arts College.

2. Kim Dong Joon debuted in 2010 as part of the nine-member K-pop group ZE:A. Not only is he considered the lead vocalist, he's also the maknae (youngest) of the group.

3. Min Do Hee is one third of Tiny-G, a hip-hop girl group. Originally four members, the group's predominant concept is that all of the members are under 153cm (5ft). Do Hee was quoted during a broadcast of Beatles Code 3D stating, "I am precisely 151.8 centimeters tall."  That converts to 4 feet, 11 inches for those playing along at home.

4. Lee Jae Hwan, also known as Ken of VIXX, loves the anime One Piece, particularly the character Chopper.

5. Cho Hyun Young is the main vocalist for the girl group Rainbow, but she also a lover of sports. In 2011, she was selected to throw the first pitch at a Lotte Giants baseball game.

6. Lim Hyun Tae, also known as High Top, is the maknae of the rookie group BIGFLO.

7. Kim Sa Eun is engaged to Super Junior's Sungmin. The couple met while performing in the musical The Three Musketeers, and they are to be married on December 13.

8. Kwang Kyu has been acting since 1999, and his formidable resume boasts over 33 films and 43 dramas (not including cameos), plus guest spots on many variety shows.

9. Dong Joon is considered one of the aces of Dream Team because of his athletic abilities, and he was given the honor of being Tissot's representative torch bearer for the the 17th Asian Incheon Games 2014. He ran an estimated 277m around Bupyeonggu, Incheon on September 19, 2014.

10. Do Hee's debut drama was Answer Me 1994 as Jo Yoo Jin, but she was disappointed because none of her male counterparts asked her for a date when the series was done filming. 

11. Ken often says “Ottokaji” (오또카지), which is a shortened version of “Eotteohke haji” (어떻게 하지), meaning “What do I do?” He shortened it in his special own way to try to be cute. He even made it into a song.

12. Hyun Young is afraid of heights. During the variety show where the girls endured military training, she cried when faced with the rope drop. She eventually succeeded in completing the course.

13. Hyun Tae and his group will be making a comeback with their newest single "Bad Mama Jama." The teaser was released on the 18th, and, while the actual release date has not been given, K-pop never leaves us waiting long!

14. Sa Eun is a former member of the K-pop girl group Banana Girl. The group was active from 2003-2008.

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