Popular singer-actor Choi Si Won of Super Junior fame is enjoying his best time yet. In addition to the epic movie Dragon Blade, his new romance comedy drama co-starring Wang Luo Dan (The Virtuous Queen of Han) is also being released this month in China. The drama, Fall In Love With You Again, just released their wedding-shoot photos. Siwon is so lucky to have appeared in quite a few wedding photos for his job. We decided to select the best from his portfolio, along with the new photos, to showcase the handsome and photogenic Siwon in gorgeous wedding attire. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Of course the ladies who are paired with Siwon in these photos are also very beautiful and lucky too.

We begin with the romantic comedy series Oh! My Lady. Here, Siwon looks really handsome with Park Han Byul.



3. A wedding shoot should be fun and relaxed:

Enjoy Siwon's charm in Oh! My Lady:

4. Siwon starred with Chinese actress Kan Qing Zi in a romance drama called Billion Dollar Heir

Here comes the brand new set of wedding photos. Siwon and Wang Luo Dan look really cute together, don't they?







We're not done yet! Here come even more fabulous photos taken when Siwon walked the runway for famous designer Andre Kim's fashion parade of wedding and evening wear. Partnered with F(x)'s Sulli, Siwon is simply Prince Charming packed with heat!


12. This couple looks like they could have stepped out of The Empress of China:


14. Bonus: I'm not sure how anyone gets married in this hot outfit. It can probably work for the wedding banquet, though (for the eye feast.)

Did you enjoy these photos? Which one is your favorite?

~ NancyZdramaland

(photos: Sina and as tagged)