Who else is watching Miss Korea and falling in love with Mr. Velvety Voice, Lee Sun Gyun, all over again? His sweet, sings-on-the-balcony, plays-the-piano, perfect-human-being turn on Coffee Prince was charming, but it was his mean, gruff chef with the crinkly eye smile on Pasta that had us swooning. (It was also 20 hours of food porn, and we were totally onboard with that.) He’s back to the rom-com world in top form in Miss Korea after a medical drama stint in Golden Time, so let's celebrate by remembering why it is we love Lee Sun Gyun!

Reminder 1: His ridiculously giant scarves.

The better to unwrap him with.

Reminder 2: He's adorable.

Sir, please.

Reminder 3: His voice.

Better than chocolate, smoother than velvet.

Reminder 4: Hello.

You knew this would be here somewhere. And you're never wrong.

Reminder 5: His easygoing, guy-next-door charm.

Except, you know, none of our next-door-neighbors actually look like this. We're living in a world of lies.

Reminder 6: That voice.

It's basically an aphrodisiac.

Reminder 7: Super smiler.

"Would you like to come inside for a bit of homemade pasta and wine?"

"Do you mind if I stay forever?"

Reminder 8: His 38-year-old self can pull off this guyliner.

Move over, twenty-something idols.

Reminder 9: No, really, his voice.

Go on, read me a story. Or a hundred. Or the phone book. Does it matter?

Reminder 10: We loved this chef.

This goldfish-saving jerk was kind of wonderful.

Reminder 11: And this kindhearted music producer.

Sigh, Second Lead Syndrome.

Reminder 12: This. voice.

Please never stop acting.

Tuned in to Miss Korea yet? Well, you should! And you can do it HERE.

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