Forget Running Man's Monday Couple! The hottest on-air couple is Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin. Check out these awesome photos that are sure to make Gary jealous, while fans drool with envy.

Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin (the Taiwanese hottie from In Time with You) are starring as a couple in We Are In Love, the Chinese version of the Korean reality show We Got Married. Fans have been dazzled by the strong chemistry between the two stars and the affection they have shown each other.

The couple is now known as the "Orange Juice Couple." The Chinese word for "orange" is a homophone for Chen, and the Chinese word for "juice" sounds like Song Ji Hyo's middle name. Therefore, Chen + Ji = Orange Juice. Isn't that cute?

Their relationship is setting up serious competition for the Monday Couple, what Gary and Song Ji Hyo have been known as on the long-running reality show Running Man.

Take a look at the Orange Juice Couple together:

1. Marie Claire photo-shoot:




5. On the beach in Bali for Cosmobride:



8. In Taipei (These photos were just taken on April 21.):




12, 13, 14. The kiss:

15. Here is a bonus video from the Bali photo shoot:

What do you think? If you were Gary, would you be jealous?

By the way, Chen Bolin appears in a cameo in the new K-drama Monster to mesmerize us with more of his charming ways. 

Watch it here:

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