I hate to call her out on it, but IU is a total nerd poser. She's always trying to look like a nerd, including in her new Kdrama, Pretty Man, but try as she might, I'm just not buying it. Trust me, I know what an awkward phase looks like (I lived an awkward decade), and you can't just stick IU behind some glasses and call it good. She's far too pretty and talented for that! Here are 14 times IU completely failed at being a nerd:

1. When she tried to play a nerdy school girl in Dream High, but she just ended up becoming a hot school girl.

2. When her character was definitely not supposed to be a fashion icon, but even her Mickey Mouse hair tie from this scene sold out in Korea.

3. When she made knitting look sexy. Seriously?!

4. When she broke her nerdy face pose by flashing her beautiful smile with perfectly straight, white teeth.

5. And those squished cheeks didn't fool us at all.

6. When she was supposed to be the embarrassing and incompetent member of her family in You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin, and she kept being referred to as just an average girl...

7. ...but we didn't buy it at all.

8. When she made the most adorable shy girl hiding behind a camera ever...

9. ...but probably cracked the lens with her radiance when she stepped in front of it.

10. When she looked so cute telling us to save the earth like a true tree hugger.

11. When her oversized glasses and pig tails couldn't stop us from noticing her perfect, porcelain skin and pouty, full lips.

12. And again with the glasses! JUST STOP IT. Not convinced.

13. Not even when they're combined with a high bun, are we fooled.

14. And when she was cast to play the nerdy and awkward, but adorable, female lead in Pretty Man...

...but it's already obvious that ADORABLE will trump NERDY pretty early on in this show:

So there you have it! Proof of all of IU's nerd FAILS. But it's not really her fault that she's just too adorable. Let's see how long she can pull the nerdiness off in Pretty Man when it comes out next week, that is, if we're not too distracted by the beauty of Jang Geun Suk.

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