First, as ill-fated lovers in the tragic Shark, and now as co-stars in the upcoming film Pirates, Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin have filmed two consecutive projects together. We can't get enough of seeing them giggling, flirting, and generally being too precious for words. Here are 14 times they had us screaming, "Just get together already!"...

1. The time she tried to choke him.

After she told a reporter that she chose to star in Shark because it had a strong script, he said,

"Don't lie. Tell them you chose it because of me."

2. The time they stared intensely at each other.

3. The time they kissed like this.

And probably more in Pirates. Squee.

4. The time Nam Gil said she was No. 1 in his heart.

He called himself a "Ye Jin Fool." Did you hear that, Ye Jin?

5. The time she leaned against him behind-the-scenes during Shark.

And looked like she was in absolute bliss.

6. And then proceeded to lay on his lap while checking her lines.

Get a room, you two.

7. The time they shared the cutest laugh in the world.

It was love.

8. The time they had fun on set together.

According to this article, they made jokes and fooled around on set to lighten the mood of the heavy scene.

9. Their fun times on set never stopped.

10. The time Yejin poked fun at him to reporters.

She called him a gossip during an interview about Pirates and added that she was sick of seeing him so much, joking,

"It's comfortable because we already worked together in Shark. I like that I can act without thinking too much. Of course, it's no fun because he's not new to me."

And you wouldn't have it any other way, Ye Jin.

11. The time they filmed a CF together.

12. The time he held her umbrella for her.

Too sweet.

13. The time he photobombed her photoshoot.

14. The time they shared a happy moment backstage.

He makes her laugh, and she makes him feel like everything is all right with the world.

Please, I beg you, don't make this another Leo-and-Kate situation! Just date!

Who's excited to see them together in Pirates? It will be released in early 2014.