While it is fairly obvious to anyone who's ever seen him that a list of examples proving the cuteness of Lee Jong Suk isn't quite necessary, a bit of superfluous eye candy never hurt anybody. Thus, I present to you an aesthetically pleasing list of times the popular actor/model was just the CUTEST.

1. When he posed with a dying flower.

You know, with his sweater falling off. Yeah.

2. Or that time he offered us flowers!

The cutest AND the sweetest.

3. When he had his cheeks smushed in.

We owe you one, Lee Bo Young.

4. When he gave us his best sleepy James Dean impression.

Yes, yes, yes (times a million).



6. When he facepalmed.

"Oops, did something too cute again."

7. When he bromance'd it up with Kim Woo Bin.

A.K.A. all day, every day.

8. When he was sad.

My heart.

9. When he stuck his tongue out.

Please, sir, continue to do so.

10. When he showered. Naked.

..................Uhhh, wait. Where was I? Oh yeah, number 11.

11. When he was all bruised, bloodied, and bandaged up.

Thankfully, it's just makeup from the set of I Hear Your Voice. No perfect faces harmed here.

12. When he made these faces on this couch.

Approved wholeheartedly.

13. When he wore glasses.

Dat stare.

14. And when he posed with you!

Okay, okay. We can dream.

The photographic evidence is endless, but the main point is easy to see. Lee Jong Suk is, among many other glorious things, just the cutest.