If you haven't already heard the news, Kim Bum is now in a relationship. Even though I'm sure that Moon Geun Young is a lovely girl, I can't help but hate her just a little bit out of jealousy. Kim Bum was all mine until she came along, even if it was only in my head. It might be a good idea to get a little closure on our fake relationship by reminiscing about the 14 times we wished he was our boyfriend:

1. The time he shyly showed us his abs.

2. The time he was not shy at all about showing us his abs!

3. The time he gave us a bouquet of flowers and that adorable smile.

4. The time he showed us how sweet and comforting he can be.

5. The time he was cuter than this little teddy bear.

6. The time he serenaded us with the guitar.

7. The time we couldn't even handle how hot his stare is (not to mention how sexy his undone tie is).

8. The time he nailed aegyo without really trying...

9. ...oh wait, that's every time.

10. The time we would have given anything to be sitting on the back of his bike...

11. ...or the front.

12. The time we wanted to eat him up!

13. The time he made us want to cuddle and read a book with him.

14. And the time he flashed us his killer smile.


It's always a sad day when we find out our bias is taken in real life, but it doesn't mean we can't stop dreaming, right? What times were you the most in love with Kim Bum? Comment below!