Residents of Japan who are fans of the wildly popular anime Attack on Titan will be thanking heaven for 7-Eleven this Friday, May 22. Why? Because that's when 7-Eleven stores across the country will team up with the AoT franchise for a "7-Eleven x Attack on Titan" Fair. Customers who jet into any 7-Eleven store and buy at least 700 yen ($5.85 USD) in goods (that's pretty cheap!) will be eligible to draw a lottery ticket that might win them all sorts of Titan goodies.

As in previous 7-Eleven fairs, the prizes in the lottery will range from cute trinkets and posters all the way up to once-in-a-lifetime grand prizes. The twenty life-sized Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman statues (ten each) that are in the drawing look to be on the grand side — they will cost lucky winners 1,728,000 yen ($14,000. USD). 

Hopefully 7-Eleven is also offering some sort of payment plan.

Eren statue: 5 ft 6 in tall 

Levi statue: 5 ft 3 in tall

These limited edition statues are individually numbered and will be delivered to winners' homes in mid-July. I must say they do look great, even with me still in shock from the price tag. 

There will be fans practically champing at the bit and eager to win regardless of the cost, though. Main character Eren and Special Ops captain Levi are two of the most popular characters in the AoT universe. 

You can check out some of the other prizes here. Looks like there's even a detailed replica of the soldiers' 3-D Maneuver Gear and blades up for grabs. Wow!

Now for something hilarious: The web commercial (available for viewing until May 26) that announces the upcoming fair to customers had me cracking up. 

Colossal Titan: I bought milk, pasta, and salad... surely this is enough to bridge the 700 yen wall!

Eren (hesitantly): It comes to 699 yen.

Colossal Titan is off by one yen and can't enter the lottery for prizes, and he doesn't look happy about it. In fact, with all that steam, looks like he needs a Big Gulp fast. LOL

It would be cool if international Attack on Titan fans could be included in events like this someday, don't you think? 

Anything is possible. All we can do for now, though, is keep the faith. 

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