All right, who wants to see a handful of actors in drag?

Thanks to the booming Korean musical scene, which is overflowing with great original works and even greater talent at the moment, you'll find lots of make-up, period costumes, wigs, flair, and -- most of all -- great numbers here.

How else could we see so many men in stockings? (In order: Jo Seung Woo, Song Chang Ui, Kim Dong Wan, Park Gun Hyung, Uhm Ki Joon, Jo Jung Suk.) Thanks, Hedwig.

1. Jo Seung Woo

("This Is The Moment," from Jekyll and Hyde)

Also known as "The Prince." And deserving of that title -- as though being widely regarded as one of the best film actors of his generation wasn't enough for him, he's also gone and collected several top honors at musical award ceremonies.

Works: Rent, Hedwig, Man of La Mancha, Jekyll and Hyde, Doctor Zhivago, Zorro

2. Joo Won

("Those Magic Changes," from Grease)

Before Joo hit it big as a TV actor, he was a fledgling musical actor doing small parts and ensemble work. This November, he's returning to the stage for the first time in four years as Sam Wheat in the musical Ghost alongside Ivy.

Works: Altar Boyz, Grease, Spring Awakening

3. Song Chang Ui

("Any Dream Will Do," from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

Another actor who debuted through the musical stage! It's a good thing he found success on-screen, though, because we would have been robbed of that ridiculously pretty face otherwise.

Works: Hedwig, 200-lb Beauty, Gwanghwamun Sonata, Elisabeth, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

4. Uhm Ki Joon

("Can't Stop," from Jack the Ripper)

This list is filled with actors who found widespread fame as TV and film actors after working theatre gigs. Although you may know Uhm best from his lovable turn on Scent of a Woman or Ghost, he's actually a much more prolific musical actor.

Works: Monte Cristo, Bonnie and Clyde, Jack the Ripper, Catch Me If You Can, The Three Musketeers, Hedwig

5. Park Gun Hyung

("Into the Fire," from The Scarlet Pimpernel)

Park always looks great thanks to his athletic build. Sounds great, too.

Works: Saturday Night Fever, Hamlet, The Three Musketeers, Musical Mozart!, Zorro, Hedwig, The Scarlet Pimpernel

6. Yoo Joon Sang

("Gray City," from Jack the Ripper)

Since the mid-'90s, the super-prolific Yoo has been busy with endless dramas, films and musicals.

Works: Grease, The Three Musketeers, Jack the Ripper, Enjoyable Life, Rebecca

7. Shin Sung Rok

("I'll Be There," from Monte Cristo)

Also a theatre actor, he's previously said he's more accustomed to the stage than to cameras.

Works: My Scary Girl, Romeo and Juliet, Monte Cristo, The Story of My Life, Hero

8. Hwang Jung Min

("Man of La Mancha," from Man of La Mancha)

Do we even need to describe Hwang as an actor? He's phenomenal, easily one of Korea's most beloved movie stars. And, as it turns out, an equally phenomenal musical actor.

Works: Nine, Wedding Singer, Man of La Mancha, Assassin

9. Lee Jong Hyuk

Lee, who has recently hit a career peak with the success of Daddy! Where Are You Going? and his dramas A Gentleman's Dignity and Dating Agency: Cyrano, will soon be returning to La Passe Muraille, which begins in November.

Works: 200-lb Beauty, La Passe Muraille

10. Jo Jung Suk

("The Bitch of Living," from Spring Awakening)

Jo made a name for himself as a musical actor before he gained mass popularity for his roles on King 2 Hearts, You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin and this year's hit film Physiognomy.

Works: Hedwig, La Passe Muraille, Grease, Spring Awakening, Evil Dead, Jewel in the Palace

11. Kim Dong Wan

("The Origin of Love," from Hedwig)

The man is on a roll lately! After the success of the heart-warming Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!, he'll soon be returning to the musical stage with Le Passe Muraille after playing Hedwig in 2011.

12. Lee Ji Hoon

("What a Circus," from Evita)

Lee's transformed himself from famous '90s ballad singer to established TV and musical actor over the past several years. He's been cast as Fiero for Wicked, which will begin in Korea in November.

Works: Hamlet, Jack the Ripper, Thrill Me, Evita, Lovers in Paris, Elisabeth

13. Oh Man Suk

("Scent of Coffee," from Organ In My Heart)

Works: Hedwig, Rebecca, Organ In My Heart, 200-lb Beauty, Those Days

14. Kim Seung Woo

Man, we miss Win Win. Kim ventured into the musical world as Curtis in the 2009 Dreamgirls.

15. Joo Ji Hoon

He had a great turn in the titular role of the Korean version of Don Juan in 2009. Here's to hoping he comes back to singing and dancing a second time around!

Side note: As it turns out, everyone loves glitter and father boas has done Hedwig.