The Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun has gained immense popularity all over the world from My Love From Another Star. Because everyone wants to know more about him, I have collected some funny facts about Kim Soo Hyun for you. These are based on his interviews and shows, along with some photos from his younger years You may see a different side that you've never imaged before. Don't be surprised. Even if you learn something shocking, it will make you love him more.

1. He has never been ugly

There are many celebrities whose appearances have changed a lot since their debuts. However, according to his graduation pictures, Kim Soo Hyun has always been handsome. In these pictures, he has a small face, well-formed features, and beautifully slanted eyes that aren't that different from his present look. As he grew up he lost his baby fat, his eyebrows got darker, and his features got sharper until his handsomeness was complete.

2. He was moved to tears on his 22nd birthday by K-girl group Kara's Han Seung Yeon

His outstanding crying acting ability is very famous among Korean viewers. What is his secret? Is it simply because he is a skilled actor? Yes, he is, but the actual reason may be that he is easily moved to tears. He cried because of Han Seung Yeon's happy birthday song while shooting the Korean music program Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo. He was surprised by the birthday event, so it was hard for him to keep speaking because the tears kept coming out of his eyes.

3. He was an arsonist that set fire to his high school flower bed

When he was asked the question,"If you could go back to your past, when would it be?" he answered the second year of his high school life. He had a lot of funny memories. In one of his stories, he folded up a paper airplane and then set fire to the front of it. He said that it was so great to see the paper airplane flying and smoldering so he flew over 60 paper airplanes. The fire ignited a high school flower bed. His classroom was located on the fifth floor and he had to go down stairs to the teacher's room, which was located on the first floor, while being hit 300 times by the teacher. He knelt and begged for forgiveness in the classroom.

4. He was an underwear model once

He was a model with his friends once for his friend's online shopping mall before his debut. While shooting the photos, he and his friends were playing jokes in their underwear. There are some more mischievous pictures from the shoot, but I chose the lesser of them. After the disclosure of them, there were people who were disappointed in how he played with his friends when he was young because it ruined their fantasy about him, but there were also some people who liked to see his other side of an ordinary boy who enjoyed pranks.

5. He has an older sister who looks exactly like him

He once uploaded a picture titled 'My sister' on his Cyworld mini homepage. In the picture, there is a pretty girl looking at a camera. Kim Soo Hyun was wearing a long wig. He talked about dressing up as a girl in one of his interviews, saying that he wore a wig for fun and then uploaded the picture after making his eyes bigger in Photoshop to be prettier.

6. He was kicked out of Boys Over Flowers after its first script reading

Kim Soo Hyun was supposed to star in Boys Over Flowers. When he joined the drama's first script reading, he was reading the character Lee Jea Ha's lines that Jung Ui Chul ended up playing in BOF. However, the drama's director pointed out that Kim Soo Hyun misread and over read the character. In BOF's Japanese DVD, Kim Soo Hyung tried to explain why he read the line like that, but it wasn't accepted well so the atmosphere looked like he was rebuked. At that time, Kim Soo Hyun was a new actor so it could happen. It seems that there was a discrepancy in interpretation between the production crew and Kim Soo Hyun so we didn't get to see him in BOF.

7. Kim Soo Hyun got heart surgery in 2010

It was from supraventricular tachycardia, but it wasn't that serious so the surgeon didn't need to open his chest. After he starred in Will it Snow at Christmas?, he had heart surgery. Now he is healthy.

8. Kim Soo Hyun's ideal type is a British actress named Kaya Scodelario

Kaya is famous in Korea among viewers of the UK drama SKINS, which she starred in as Effy. Some Korean male celebrities say that Kaya is their ideal type. But Kim Soo Hyun is the only one who met her in person and worked with her. They were brand models of Jestina. Kaya said that Kim Soo Hyun was kind and gentle. Look at his face filled with happiness! Kaya uploaded the picture below on her SNS.

9. Kim Soo Hyun's favorite K-girl group is Orange Caramel

Kim Soo Hyun chose Orange Caramel as his favorite girl group because they are all pretty and their songs are bright and cheerful. Nana, one of the members of the group, says she is a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun so there was a love scandal between the two celebrities. Recently, Nana has denied the scandal in the Korean talk show Beatles Code 3D.

10. Kim Soo Hyun's actual personality is like a mischievous boy

According to the Korean actor Park Ki Woong, who starred in the movie Undercover Magnificence with Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun's actual personality is funny and frivolous. He is shy of strangers, but once he loses his inhibitions and gets close to someone, he becomes a fool. These pictures below were taken when he greeted Undercover Magnificence's viewers in theaters.

11. Kim Soo Hyun wished that My Love From Another Star had finished with a sad ending

He inwardly wanted My Love From Another Star to have asad ending that depicts a time-limited life. He said that, including the director, no one knew how the story would end. He couldn't believe the drama had finished and he wanted to shed tears and had a runny nose, but the drama finished with the happy ending.

12. In his recent drama My Love From Another Star, He played a right-hander but actually he is a left-hander.

13. Teleportation was what Kim Soo Hyun desired to have among Do Min Joon's supernatural powers

“I am in envy of his teleportation ability. (If I had that ability) I could go home fast after shooting. I suddenly could appear everywhere…”

14. Kim Soo Hyun is famous for being rejected by other people, like fans and co-stars.

Poor Kim Soo Hyun. These gifs and pictures are famous as a series of Kim Soo Hyun who is suffering forever. Why won't his fans hold his hand?! If I were there, I would't let go!

Look at his happy face when the child held his hand.

15. He has a habit of covering his mouth with his hand when he laughs

According to psychological interpretation, he subconsciously covers his mouth when he laughs to hide his overflowing masculinity. Maybe he is too manly inside.

How many of these things did you know before? What was the funniest fact? I think Kim Soo Hyun's gifs where his fans didn't shake his hand are funny!