Cardboard cutouts of the hottest stars can be seen all over the place in Asia. While not as great as the real person, these cutouts sure make for an entertaining substitute! Last time I brought you an article all about celebrities posing with their own cardboard cutouts, and now it's time to share the next set of pictures. Scroll through to see some of the biggest Asian celebrities posing with cardboard cutout versions of their famous friends and coworkers!

1. Gong Hyo Jin with Jo In Sung

These It's Okay, That's Love costars reunited in an unexpected way when Gong Hyo Jin traveled to Taiwan to promote their drama. It's too bad they couldn't have gone together, but this stand-in solution is pretty hilarious!

2. Jae Joong with Yoochun

Jae Joong had some fun on a set of his drama when he stumbled across a cutout of his JYJ bandmate Yoochun. Too funny!

3. Girl’s Day Minah, Sojun, and Yura pose with Kim Soo Hyun

Not going to lie, if I saw this cutout I would totally strike the same pose!

4. Lee Joon with Rain

This is adorable. Lee Joon hid behind Rain's cutout during an episode of We Got Married in order to tell his on-screen wife Oh Yeon Seo that a dress she wore was too revealing. I guess if it comes from Rain then it must be easier to hear!

5. In Time With You cast members Chen Bo Lin and Sunny Wang with Ariel Lin

Here's another cutout stand-in at a press conference. I just love how Chen Bo Lin leans in for a kiss!

6. Lee Si Un with APink's Eun Ji

These Answer Me 1997 cast-mates must be super close!

7. Jackie Chan and Michael Jordan

Words cannot describe how much I love this picture! Just look at that height difference!

8. KARA's Kang Ji Hyun with Super Junior's Lee Teuk

So cute!

9. Rooftop Prince Cast with Yoochun

Yay mini Rooftop Prince reunion! I just love Choi Woo Shik's pose!

10. Miss A's Min with 2AM's Jo Kwon

Min sure is considerate to her JYP label mate Jo Kwon! Can't let him catch a cold!

11. We Got Married Press Conference

Talk about a strange way to hold a press conference! Lee So Yeon couldn't make it, so her on-screen husband Yoon Han had to make do with her cardboard version. Same thing happened for Son Na Eun, who had to do without SHINee's Taemin!

12. Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen with Jae Joong and Yunho

During a trip to Korea, Jiro and Calvin couldn't resist taking photos with these famous cardboard cutouts. I just love seeing this cross-country admiration!

13. EXO and Luhan with EXO's Chanyeol

It must be so strange to see your friend as a cardboard cutout!

14. SHINee with "Minho"

No one will notice...right?

15. Crayon Pop with Justin Bieber and One Direction

Crayon Pop met up with cardboard versions of these big stars while on a trip to Australia! Their excitement is so adorable!

Start the video below at the 10:30 mark to see the full extent of their fangirling!

Weren't these adorable? Which cardboard cutout is your favorite? Please share your thoughts below!

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