Marry Me or Not? actor Roy Chiu, in addition to being a famous actor and singer, is also an excellent car racer. He often shows different sides of him on Weibo, on which he has over million followers. Check out these 15 pictures of Roy Chiu, and you may find it a little surprising to see him like this. But still, he's so charming and adorable.

1. Playing a zombie with masks

2. I can do this pose as well!

3. Selfie Time!

4. I just love racing anything with a motor.

5. Do you like my cute heart-shaped hairstyle?

6. I am IP Man. What do you think about my Kung fu?

7.Do you want to try Yuanxiao as well?

8. How much do we look alike?

9. I am a ninja.

10. Check out my "wedding photo".

11. Looking at the sky

12. When I say "I just love racing anything with a motor," I mean it.

13. Serious about shooting

14. Let me show you my new style on the racing course!

15. I am trying my best to immerse myself into the character.

Do these photos surprise you? Or do you find Roy Chiu is more lovable than ever?

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