GOT7 recently finished up their first U.S. tour, stopping in San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas. These boys really impressed everyone with their excellent talent and heartfelt interactions with fans! And if you aren't very familiar with K-pop, you may recognize these boys from their recent mini drama Dream Knight. I can attest — they are just as adorable in real life!

Check out some of my photos from their Chicago show below! Special thanks to Jazzy Group U.S. for hosting the event.


The members were great at answering fan questions and requests, resulting in some awesome dance battles and solo performances. 


Mark Tuan impressed everyone with his acrobatics!


Jackson, who starred in Roommate, showed everyone his sexy dance. 


GOT7 performed a great set list, including their hits "Girls, Girls, Girls", "A", and "Stop Stop It".


Their dancing was spot on.


It was fantastic to see their choreography from their music videos in person!


Mark and Bambam sure have irresistible smiles!


GOT7 is all about teamwork! 


Here's another fantastic flip from Mark! My reaction was almost identical to Dave the MC's!


Leader JB has a wonderful stage presence! 


And let's not forget Bambam's wonderful rendition of Sistar's "Touch My Body." He sure is flexible! 


JB, Jackson, Young Jae and Yu Gyeom all had a great time on stage.


From beginning to end, GOT7 was fantastic! 


Jr. really loved seeing all the IGOT7s in the audience! 


And as a special surprise for Bambam's recent birthday, a fan brought out a birthday cake while the crowd sang Happy Birthday. It was a wonderful moment for all the fans in the theater.

GOT7 really put on a fantastic performance in Chicago! Which photo is your favorite? Please share your thoughts below!

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