Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This year, we seriously need to give thanks to a few guys for just breathing and being hot. I mean, what would our wallpaper and screensavers be without them? How could we ever make it through a 500-episode drama if they weren't in it? Think about how hard life would be if these guys weren't around! Now all 15 guys below are listed in no particular order, and they're all being thanked for their own special contribution to our lives.

15. Choi Jin Hyuk

Thank you for raising the sexy bar for all future male gumihos.

14. Kim Woo Bin

Thank you for always managing to look like a fierce beast on the runway.

13. Park Min Woo

Thank you for having one of the most gorgeous smiles and set of dimples ever!

12. Seo Kang Jun

Thank you for having kissable pillow-like lips and a cute little overbite when you smile!

11. Lee Joon Ki

Thank you for having probably the most unique and most beautiful sharp eye shape in the industry!

(Photo credit: usagi)

10. Kim Soo Hyun

Thank you for always looking perfect in traditional Hanbok!

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9. SHINee's Lee Taemin

Thank you for promoting your first solo single "Danger" shirtless and in skinny jeans to show off your long legs!

(Photo Credit:Itaemin)

8. Lee Min Ho

Thank you for always being on point with your airport fashion!

(Photo Credit: kimsocool)

7. Joo Won

Thank you for always being the perfect mix of a sexy man and cute cat.

(Photo Credit: kwave)


Thank you for being one of the hottest groups ever created in life, where not one of you is known as the "ugly member."

5. No Min Woo

Thank you for always being thin and prettier than most females.

4. Jo In Sung

Thank you for having a beautiful mouth that most of us just stare at when you speak.

3. Daniel Henney

Thank you for your disgusting perfection.

2. Lee Jong Suk

Thank you for your perfect model physique and back line.

1. Lee Soo Hyuk

Thank you for always managing to wear your jeans as low as possible on your hips.

Who is not on this list that you're thankful for and why? 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE