The brick walls of Apgujeong subway station are covered with plastic surgery advertisements. The ads show before-and-after photos of women who’ve gone through breast augmentation or double eyelid surgery.

The double eyelid (ssang-keo-pool, 쌍커풀) surgery makes the eyes look bigger by creating a fold in the upper lid. This may be the most common procedure among Koreans, but more are starting to realize that you’re beautiful just the way you are! Case in point: Plenty of Korean actors’ eyes look amazing without the crease. Let’s take a look at them all!

1 Kim Min Jae

2 Song Joong Ki

3 Ryu Joon Yeol

4 Yoo Ah In

5 Park Seo Joon

6 Kim Soo Hyun

7 Gong Yoo

8 So Ji Sub

9 Kim Woo Bin

10 Nam Joo Hyuk

11 BlockB’s Zico

12 Dean

13 Seo Kang Joon

14 Park Bo Gum

15 G-Dragon

Check out Kim Min Jae’s The Best Hit, which premiered earlier this month!

Which actor has the most beautiful eyes? Chime in below!

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The Best Hit

Starring Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Se Young

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