If we had it our way, espionage would be everywhere in Korean drama-land. Spies are the epitome of cool, and we can all agree that they're more than welcome in K-dramas, where doctors and prosecutors are often the norm. Here are fifteen spies we'd like to share a martini with -- shaken, not stirred, of course:

1. Lee Byung Hun, IRIS

There's really no better place to start than IRIS, which was a godsend for every spy-genre K-drama fan. Lee's Kim Hyun Jun was wrought with betrayal, but he finds solace in his beloved Seung Hee.

2. Kim Tae Hee, IRIS

Seung Hee, the brilliant profiler who shared a famously sticky candy kiss with Hyun Jun.


A precise, cold-blooded killer.

4. Kim So Yeon, IRIS

Hottest lady spy ever. Without doubt the singular standout character from the series, her portrayal of North Korean agent Kim Sun Hwa is easily the most memorable depiction of any spy in recent memory. We were all so. on. her. side.

5. Han Ye Seul, Spy Myung Wol

In many ways the polar opposite of IRIS's Sun Hwa is Myung Wol, who, despite also being an elite North Korean agent sent to the South on a mission, is all kinds of lovable.

6. Lee Jin Wook, Spy Myung Wol

Then there's Lee as Choi Ryu, who sparks up our second-leading-man feels like no other.

7. Dennis Oh, Sweet Spy

Oh, Dennis Oh. Oh.

8. Lee Jun Ki, Time Between Dog and Wolf

Certainly one of the more emotional spies we've seen on the small screen, Lee's Kay is mostly revenge and hurt and all the feelings in the world.

9. Jung Woo Sung, Athena

IRIS's critically slammed sequel may have been a ratings miss, but Jung's Lee Jung Woo was as suave as James Bond and as smart as Jason Bourne.

10. Soo Ae, Athena

Playing the conflicted double agent has never looked so good.

11. Cha Seung Won, Athena

Bad. Ass. Mother. (As always.)

12. Choi Si Won, Athena

Rounding out the love for the agents of Athena is the Super Junior member and actor, who plays quite the good-looking rookie.

13. Kim Sang Kyung, Call of the Country

This oft-overlooked little gem of a drama is spunky and charming. Kim, who's dashing with a gun in hand and a suit on his back, is a smart intelligence officer who becomes entangled in an unanticipated mess after a run-in with a female police officer.

14. Joo Won, Level 7 Civil Servant

Civil Servant is further proof that, yes, Joo Won is irresistible in every role he takes on.

15. Choi Kang Hee, Level 7 Civil Servant

Choi is a ball of fun goofiness in this spy romantic comedy, but the girl pulls off the spy act when the time comes.

Who would you like to see playing a spy next?