‘Twas the time during December, when all through the house, not a single K-Pop holiday song was playing, and…well let me try to fix that! I can’t hold your shopping bags or pass you an ornament to put on the tree, but here are some K-Pop holiday tracks that even Santa approves of to put in your winter playlist!

1. GOT7 - "Confession Song"

Included in the winter edition of GOT7’s mini album MAD is “Confession Song.” In the music video, GOT7 drag unsuspecting students to an auditorium where their respective secret admirers confess to them. Ah, but with GOT7 around it makes you wonder if any of them wanted to confess to GOT7 instead?

2. Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo - "Dear Santa"

TaeTiSeo sings that Santa won’t let them down in “Dear Santa.” TTS’s beauty and vocals do not let Santa down either. If anyone who doesn’t listen to K-pop gives you the old excuse of, “But they don’t sing in English!” sneak the English version of this song in the playlist. You should be able to slyly convert them to K-pop. I’d love to hear this song playing in the malls while I shop!

3. EXO – "Sing for You"

EXO’s guitar driven winter ballad for 2015 will make you want to listen to this curled up next to the fireplace. In “Sing for You,” the protagonist has a difficult time confessing his love and can only do it through singing.

4. Starship Planet – "Softly"

K.will, SISTAR, BOYFREIND, Mad Clown, JUNGGIGO, JooYoung, MONSTA X, Yoo Seungu, BrotherSu, and EXY grace your ears with warm vocals while wearing pajamas and fluffy sweaters, holding puppies, kittens, and cups of coffee. Staying true to its title, this will make you feel soft inside.

5. BTOB – "The Winter’s Tale"

In “The Winter’s Tale,” BTOB sings about a man who wishes his ex-girlfriend happiness with the new man in her life. The guys cheer the girl on her new love life in the video by wearing kigurumis and bright smiles.

6. Lee Moonsae and Roy Kim ft. Hanhae – "This Christmas"

Lee Moonsae and Roy Kim team up on “This Christmas,” featuring Phantom’s rapper Hanhae. This song is from Lee’s new winter album New Direction ’15 ‘Winter Special’.

7. Infinite - "White Confession (Lately)"

Go Christmas shopping in Japan with Infinite through their music video for “White Confession (Lately)”. This was their first Christmas song released in 2011.

8. Ailee - "My Grown Up Christmas List (Christmas Wish)"

Ailee’s version of "My Grown Up Christmas List (Christmas Wish)" can easily stand side by side with Kelly Clarkson or Michael Buble as one of my favorites. Her version was recorded as part of Hitman Project #1 : A Tribute to the Hitman, David Foster.

9. Jellyfish Entertainment – "Love in the Air"

Seo In Guk, Vixx, Park Jung Ah, and Park Yoon Ha of Jellyfish Entertainment released a shoegaze inspired winter track for 2015.

10. IU – December 24

IU covered D.ear’s “December 24” as a gift for her fans in 2014. It’s a simple video of IU in the studio recording the track, allowing you to enjoy her vocals.

11. BTS’ Jimin and JungKook – "Christmas Day"

In 2014, BTS’ Jimin and JungKook gifted fans with a Christmas present in the form of a song called “Christmas Day.” The original song may sound familiar as it is Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe.” In BTS’ version, the lyrics were personally written by Jimin. As with most BTS covers, the audio is uploaded officially on their Soundcloud or, as with this cover, on their official Youtube without images.

12. Bom & Hi - "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Park Bom (2NE1) & Lee Hi’s melancholic cover of a Mariah Carey classic. Look out for a flying rat in the video!

13. Orange Caramel & Nu’est – "Dashing through the snow in high heels"

The song title is a bit dangerous. I would avoid high heels in the snow if at all possible! After Schools sub-unit Orange Caramel and Nu’est of the Pledis company collaborated on this song about wanting to confess. There is something about the winter air that makes a lot of people confess!

14. EXO - "Miracles in December"

EXO’s first winter song 2013’s “Miracles in December” is a beautiful piano ballad about wanting to use your powers to bring the person you love back. The Korean version sung by BaekHyun, D.O. and Chen is stunning.

15. Crayon Pop – "Lonely Christmas"

“Lonely Christmas” is a non-traditional Christmas track filled with fun disco beats. As expected of the “Bar Bar Bar” ladies, helmets are included!

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What is your favorite K-pop Christmas song?