After posting about some of our favorite actors who are active on Instagram ( Part 1Part 2, in case you missed them), it was only natural to move into idols and musicians who love social media. Some of them post so often, they could be professionals.... and there are so many we won't be able to get through them all, but here are 15 K-pop idols who love to post on Instagram!

1. Min Do Hee (Tiny G) - @mindohee

Dohee is a firecracker. The tiny idol, who has burst onto the acting scene, has been delighting DramaFever fans with her roles in  Answer Me 1994Boarding House No. 24, and Tomorrow's Cantabile. Her Instagram is pretty much a selca collection of all of her adventures, including her time on drama sets!

2. Baro (B1A4) - @baroganatanatda/@baroganatanatda2

Following Baro is a test of your fan level. His overly complicated username (which changes often, but once you follow him you will stay connected) is currently a play on his rap in "Solo Day"... and if you're wondering why there are two accounts listed, both are him (validated through links posted on his and B1A4's official Twitter accounts). Mysteriously in October 2014 he created a new account, just adding the "2" at the end, for no apparent reason. However, if you loved him in his dramas  Answer Me 1994 and God's Gift - 14 Days, or you just love B1A4 in general, it's worth having to check if you spelled his name correctly. His account features selcas, his group members, cityscapes, and many other fun gems.

3. Yong Joon Hyung (BEAST) - @bigbadboii

His first drama role in  Monstar let this rapper/composer out of the studio. Filled with selcas, performance photos, cartoons, and more, Jun Hyung loves to share his experiences with fans through his Instagram.

4. Kang Min Hyuk (CN Blue) - @mr_kanggun

If you want to see more of this  Heirs and Heartstrings actor, now you have a way! From concerts and selcas to his adorable cat, you can find it on his account.

5. Eun Hyuk (Super Junior) - @eunhyukee44

Although he his time on  Barefoot Friends was short, it's for good reason. Eunhyuk is constantly promoting with Super Junior and various sub-units of the group, like D&E, which features Donghae and him. Even with his busy schedule, he still finds time to share selcas, music programs, and the occasional downtime with fans.

6. Kim Boa (SPICA) - @tomboaaa

SPICA's Boa definitely has a set of pipes on her. She blew US crowds away alongside her group members at KCON 2014 and has since made her solo debut. Her account is filled with silly selcas, videos, and more!

7. Jung Jin Woon (2AM) - @jinwoon52

The  Dream High 2 actor was originally a power vocal in the male ballad group 2AM. He still holds that title and fills his account with everything he loves from his group members to food, selcas, farm animals, adorable babies.

8. Park Sandara (2NE1) - @daraxxi

The 2NE1 vocalist is stunning. This year, she is making her return to acting in the Naver web drama Dr. Mo Clinic alongside Pinocchio's Kim Young Kwang. Lately her account has been overrun with pictures from her drama in addition to her selcas and behind-the-scenes of her photo shoots.

9. Kim Hyuna (4Minute & TroubleMaker) - @hyuna_aa

Hyuna is one of those idols that has sex-appeal no matter what you put her in. The vocalist is currently in the middle of promotions for their new album Crazy, but she is a power-Instagrammer and makes several posts daily with everything, including her friends, beauty routine, snacks, and pretty much anything that strikes her fancy.

10. Tablo (Epik High) - @blobyblo

Tablo graced our screens in  The Return of Superman, where viewers fell in love with him and daughter Haru. Although their time on the show is over, you can continue to follow Tablo as Epik High has returned to the music scene late last year with their album Shoebox, which featured "Born Hater." If you can't get enough of Haru's adorable face, her mom has an Instagram account (@tabloisdad) specifically for her that you can follow as well!

11. Choi Si Won (Super Junior) - @siwon1987

Siwon is a busy man. The  Skip Beat and Oh! My Lady actor spends a lot of time helping promote his fellow group members, attending his own film premieres across the globe, getting studio time in... He has to do it all, and, thankfully, he shares it with us!

12. Choi Soo Young (Girls' Generation) - @syofgg

Soo Young charmed us all as the lead in  Dating Agency: Cyrano, but as a vocalist in one of the the most famous girl groups in Korea, Soo Young has a busy life. She has shared everything from her support for her members and label mates to her home, dogs, and much more!

13. Key (SHINee) - @bumkeyk

Key is a little bit of a diva, as we witnessed on  We Got Married - Global Edition (Season 2), but he has worked hard enough to have earned the right. His account centers around behind-the-scenes of performances and photo shoots, as well as selca, shopping, and of course, his dogs, who also made an appearance on the show when he tried to help Arisa get past her fear of the animals.

14. Bae Suzy (miss A) - @skuukzky

With her roles in  Dream HighGu Family Book, and Architecture 101, it's clear Suzy is adorable. Sporting shoes, music, and numerous selcas, her account offers a look into her life as the group preps for their summer 2015 comeback.

15. Cho Hyun Young (Rainbow) - @cho_hyunyoung

Hyun Young took a new path right before Rainbow's latest comeback with "Black Swan." She made an appearance as a lead in the sitcom  Boarding House No. 24, and her character was... memorable. Not to say that her acting was bad, because it wasn't, but her character was written to be annoying, and she certainly excelled at portraying her! So what would you expect to be on her Instagram account? Hyun Young shares her workouts, meals, selcas, and her friends, such as Amber Lui of f(X).

16. BONUS: DramaFever's Official Instagram

And you can follow the official DramaFever Instagram account @dramafever for more fun memes, hilarious videos, Asian entertainment news, and contests with amazing prizes! 

Do you follow any of these idols? Is there anyone you follow that did not make the list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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