English has seeped into everyday lives of people around the world, and the world of K-drama is no exception. Konglish words are English words used in Korean context. Some Konglish words might seem jarring to an English speaker, but they are part of standard Korean language. Here are 15 Konglish words we know just from watching K-dramas and their English equivalents. Scroll down and see how many you know!

1. Hand phone (핸드폰)

Cell phones are called hand phones in Korea, presumably because they are hand held. Here's Shin Min Ah from My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

2. Parma (파마)

She Was Pretty's Hwang Jung Eum gets a parma, or perm, on her hair to play the "Ugly Betty."

3. Morning call (모닝콜)

Personal Taste's Lee Min Ho wakes up and stares at his sleeping companion because he's the only one who heard the morning call, or wake up call.

4. Y shirt (와이셔츠)

Answer Me 1994's Jung Woo looks hot in a Y shirt, or dress shirt!

5. Open car (오픈카)

Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won on The King 2 Hearts play members of Korean dynasty's royal family and ride a convertible, or an open car.

6. Eye shopping (아이쇼핑)

Here is Hwang Jung Eum window shopping, or eye shopping.

7. Aircon (에어컨)

Koreans shorten air conditioner to aircon, and apartment to apart. Here is Miss A Suzy in an aircon commercial. 

8. Service (서비스) 

Twenty Again's Choi Ji Woo gets street food one night. It probably wasn't service, which means on the house.

9. Rinse (린스)

Instead of shampoo and conditioner, Koreans say shampoo and rinse. Here's Haeundae LoversJo Yeo Jung just out of the shower.

10. Cunning (컨닝)

Korean teachers will say to you, "Don't do cunning!" instead of "Don't cheat!" Here's HeirsPark Shin Hye studying for an exam.

11. Stand (스탠드)

Lamps are called stands in Korean. Here is Producer's Kim Soo Hyun studying on his lamp-lit desk.

12. One shot (원샷)

Greatest Love's Gong Hyo Jin downs her drink. Instead of bottoms up, Koreans say one shot. As a side note, when you drink from a bottle, Koreans say blow the bottle or 병나발을 불다.

13. Pocket ball (포켓볼)

On Discovery of RomanceEric Moon and Sung Joon play a game of pocket ball or pool to woo Jung Yoo Mi

14. Health (헬스)

The generic word health is used instead of gym in Konglish. On Girls' Love StoryYoo Seung Ok exercises at the gym.

15. Skinship (스킨쉽)

The Konglish word skinship, which sounds like English but doesn't mean anything to us, means physical affection.

Noble, My Love's Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung showed romantic skinship while swing dancing in the beginning of their relationship.

Watch comedian David explain the Konglish words. (Warning: some language)

How many Konglish did you know already? Which ones surprised you? Tell us in the comments below!

See Hwang Jung Eum's "parma" in She Was Pretty:

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