First love leaves a lasting imprint on future romances. In Korean pop culture, they say a man never forgets his first love. Does that hold true for our favorite oppas? Song Joong Ki still thinks about his first love even though she’s married now, while Lee Jong Suk is more interested in present love rather than the past. Joo Won says he still keeps in touch with her first loves, while others implied they don’t. Scroll down to reveal 15 Korean actors who’ve reminisced about first love!

1. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki of Descendants of the Sun still can’t forget his first love, who’s married now.

"I bet all men are the same, but it's not easy to forget first love. I haven't forgotten my first love, either. To a man, first love means so much that he never forgets about it."

Remembering the feelings about first love has helped him film Nice Guy, the actor said in a 2012 interview. He’s watched Architecture 101, a romantic film about first love, four times!

Additionally, Song Joong Ki had his first kiss in 11th grade at the bus stop. Read more about his romance here.

2. Lee Jong Suk

“I met my first love when I was 15. She was pale and smart. I still keep in touch with her. My first kiss was when I was 18.”

When asked about dating, he said, “To be honest, I want to skip dating and marry first."

Marry me, Jong Suk ssi!

3. Seo Kang Joon

The Cheese in the Trap actor Seo Kang Joon’s first love happened in 10th grade with a noona.

“She was a year older than me. We were friends first and later dated for two years. People say men never forget their first love, but that doesn’t hold true for me. For me, as time passes, memories last but feelings disappear.”

4. Jang Geun Suk

Sang Geun Suk met his first love when studying abroad in New Zealand and dating for two years through his sitcom Nonstop 4 days.

“Cast and crew members all knew (of my relationship),” he said. “Since we were miles apart, we could only communicate through phone calls and emails. I think I rushed through things,” he added while talking about breakup with his first love. When the interviewer, Kang Ho Dong, mischievously asked for the true answer, he said he broke up with his first love because “I got a prettier girlfriend. I saw her for almost five years.”

5. Kim Rae Won

Doctor Crush’s Kim Rae Won openly talked about his high school first love, who happened to be actress Lee Yo Won.

“I met a beautiful, bubbly woman when I was 18 and introverted. I met her on the filming set of a drama. She was an actress … I was a religious, conscientious lover.”

She asked him out first, which led to a year-and-a-half-long relationship.

“She lived in Bundang, which had nothing but rice fields back then,” Kim Rae Won said. “I got on the subway to take her home every day. It took me 3 hours roundtrip. I did it for a year-and-a-half.”

Read more about his first love here.

6. Ryoo Joon Yul

Ryu Joon Yul’s first love reached out to him after watching him on Answer Me 1988!

“There was a girl I liked in elementary school. I never got to tell her I liked her, and I hardly saw her since elementary school. One day, after I got much older, she started appearing in my dreams out of blue. I think it was because she was my first love.”

“She contacted me, saying she’d watched me in the drama. I hope the best for her. I heard she’s married now.”

7. Lee Joon Ki

Lee Joon Ki, the sexy fourth prince in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, said he had his first kiss with his first love in 11th grade.

In the same interview, when fans asked, “What would you do if a fan asked you out?" he said, "If I'm romantically involved with a fan, she's no longer just my fan."

Craving for more Lee Joon Ki? Check out 11 Lee Joon Ki facts every fangirl needs to know here.

8. 2PM's Taecyeon

2PM's Taecyeon says his first love was an American student.

“We went to the same schools from 6th grade to high school. I played the saxophone, and she played the viola. I was drawn to her wearing a dress in the quarterly school concerts,” Taecyeon said, reminiscing his school days.

“I broke up with her, because I really wanted to (become a singer in Korea). We still keep in touch via Twitter.”

9. Lee Kwang Soo

On an episode of Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo met his first love, Song Hye Jin, for the first time in 25 years. She said on Running Man, “(Kwang Soo) was a quiet kid. I used to fight the kids who bullied him!”

10. Jung Dong Ha

Buhwal vocalist Jung Dong Ha’s first love was in college. After dating her for eight years, they finally tied the knot in 2014! 

11. Cha Tae Hyun

Producer’s Cha Tae Hyun is another celebrity who married his first love. He and his wife started dating since high school, and married in 2006 after 13 years of dating.

In an interview, Cha Tae Hyun reminisced his first encounter with her. “Before meeting her, I didn’t believe love at first sight. After seeing Seok Eun, I believe in destiny.”

They broke up briefly in their last year of high school but started dating again because of his persistence!

12. Lee Hwi Jae

The Return of Superman’s Lee Hwi Jae, who’s now a father of twins sons, says his first love was the 1990s singer/actress Im Sang A.

“I met her and other girls majoring in dance at Gangnam station in 11th grade. I was hitting on her without even realizing. I asked her out, but she politely turned me down, adding, I’m going to go to college. Let’s just be friends.’”

Lee Hwi Jae added, “She was Im Sang A. She really didn’t see anyone, studied hard and went to college.”

13. Joo Won

Joo Won’s first love happened when he was in 11th grade. “I’m still close to her,” he says, “We don’t meet often, but we say hi from time to time.”

Ju Won hasn’t had a girlfriend for six years. On dating, he says, “Since I can’t be in a typical relationship, I feel bad (for my girlfriend-to-be) and can’t see anyone,” referring to actors’ unpredictable schedules and need to keep the relationship a secret.

14. Jo Jung Suk

“Not that I didn’t see girls before, but my first love was in college. We dated for three years. I’ve felt hopeful, and I’ve cried because of her,” Jo Jung Suk of Jealousy Incarnate says.

“(My first love) wasn’t cute but passionate like a fever. It helped me get mature. While experiencing sadness, longing and other feelings, I noticed my emotions got richer.”

The actor is now dating ballad singer Gummy.

15. EXO’s D.O.

Lastly, EXO's D.O. says the experience of his first love has helped him film Pure Love, a movie about first love.

“I had my first love was when I was in 12th grade. It wasn’t as happy or lively as in the film. My obsession (about the girl) resulted in gloomy, sad memories. But these memories helped me film the movie.”

Which actor’s first love story surprises you the most, or is the most romantic in your opinion? Tell us in the comments below!

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