As we know, every culture has their own unique spin on common, and not so common, foods. In Asia, many dishes look absolutely delicious; I mean, what drama have you watched where you didn’t want to reach in and grab a plate of food right out of a scene? However, there are some Asian dishes that you might just hesitate to try because for some reason or another they really gross you out. Here are 15 of those dishes.

15. Japan: Wasp Crackers

So basically these are wasps baked into cracker/cookies. Well, I mean if it's a sweet cracker/cookie thing I'd give it a try.

14. Philippines: Clotted Chicken Blood "Betamax."

Umm NO. Sorry but chicken blood clots on a skewer like a kabob is not what I wanna eat in life. I don't care how seasoned and grilled tasting it is.

13. Korea: Beondegi

The pupa of Silkworms that are steamed, boiled and seasoned. I wonder if they taste like chips; they're pretty crunchy looking. I'm on the fence because if you bite into them and its soft I will not try them, but if they're crunchy all the way through, then sure.

12. Philippines: Balut

It's an egg with an unborn duck in it that gets boiled. Like "Oh, I'm just making this boiled egg with a duck in it." (-_-) Sorry but I'm not trying to crack open my boiled egg and see the life cycle of a duck. #PASS

11. Asia: Chicken Feet

A lot of cultures besides Asia eat chicken feet, and to be honest I've eaten them before. When I was younger my mother's friend who was Jamaican made some kind of soup which included chicken feet as one of the ingredients. As far as I can remember, it was tasty soo...#BeenThereDoneThat

10. Japan: Inago

Grasshoppers and crickets cooked in soy sauce and sugar. I don't know about you but I think that sounds good and I would totally eat them with rice and other yummy side dishes.

9. China: Century Egg

Quail and duck eggs preserved in saline until it turns into a cool jelly egg are seen here. Supposedly it tastes the same as any other boiled egg but its like jelly. I guess the Chinese wanted a more awesome boiled egg. I dunno! I don't like jelly textured foods soo no thanks.

8. Japan: Habu Sake

Live snakes drowned in jars of sake. Remember when that lady in China tried to drink some and got bit in the hand because the snake was still alive? Yeah. Exactly. (-_-)

7. Southeast Asia: White Ant Egg Soup

Ant eggs and baby ants are added to soups. I guess when cooked it would look like Italian Wedding Soup or Chickarina, but I'm too paranoid for that. What if an egg hatches in my stomach or something weird, and I get some kind of infestation?! These are my thoughts because I'm really dramatic :/ #IDontWannaBeOnAnimalPlanet

6. Japan: Basashi

Raw horse meat. I've seen steak tar tar done on Food Network so raw meat isn't shocking to me. Now the fact it's horse meat is a different story. NO.

5. Japan: Fugu

A Japanese puffer fish that can have a deadly taste. No. Really. You can die from eating this fish. It has a lethal toxin in its body that when not prepared correctly will cause the death of the diner. I've seen this on the Discovery channel and I will never understand why someone would feel the need to play Russian Roulette with a puffer fish.

4. Japan: Shirako

Oh, this is simply the sperm sac of male fish. #DryHeaving

3. Japan: Shiokara

So this is a fish stew which also contains all the innards of the fish. But why?! The Japanese don't even sit and indulge in a bowl of this. Supposedly, they down it all in one bite and follow it up with Whiskey, so whyyy even bother?! Sometimes it's ok to not use ALL of the fish. (-_-)

2. Japan: Tuna Eye

As you can see (har, har) it's the eye of the Tuna fish. Some people actually like fish eyes, however, I am not one of those people.

1. Cambodia: Fried Tarantulas

Literally a fried tarantula as you can clearly see. Um, this is like a visual overload to me, but how awesome would it be during Halloween to serve up a bowl of fried tarantulas and have some of them hanging over the bowl?!

After going through this list I've learned something new about myself; I might have a preference for cooked insects and I'm not sure how I feel about this new personal discovery. Is there anything on this list you would try? Any other strange Asian foods you've heard of? Comment below!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE