Song Jong Ki was being trained to become a short track speed skater. Won Bin was an automotive technician in a rural village. GOT7's Jackson was Hong Kong’s national fencing player. What other day jobs did they have before becoming successful actors? Let’s find out!

1 Song Jong Ki: Short track speed skater

Song Jong Ki has played in national games and was being trained to become a professional skater until he was injured in middle school and couldn’t skate anymore.

2 So Ji Sub: National swimmer

Where do his broad shoulders come from? All the swimming! So Ji Sub placed third in a national game once. When he decided to model instead of becoming a professional swimmer, it made his coach really sad!

3 Won Bin: Automotive technician

Won Bin, who dreamed of becoming a race car driver, worked at an auto repair shop in Gangwon province. Later he got certified to drive a race car.

4 GOT7's Jackson: Hong Kong’s national fencing player

Jackson ranked 11th in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics and first at the 2011 Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships. He comes from a family of fencers. His father was an Asian Games gold medalist and part of China’s national fencing team.

5 Kim Tae Ri: Salesperson

She’s gone through many part time jobs at fast food restaurants, convenience stores and more. When she was a soy milk salesperson at a grocery store, a cafe owner asked her to work for his cafe and so she did!

5 Han Ye Seul: Reporter

Han Ye Seul got her start as an actress as an SBS Midnight Entertainment reporter. Back then, she used her birth name Kim Ye Seul Yi.

6 Yoon Sang Hyun: Food joint owner

The Secret Garden actor sold Korean snacks like ddukbokki, fish cake and the likes near Kyung In Women’s University. This “flower boy” chef earned so much that one day’s profit was enough to pay for a month’s rent! He purchased a house a year after opening the joint.

7 Nam Sang Mi: Fast food employee

When this pretty girl worked at Lotteria in front of Han Yang University, too many college boys came and hung around the store just to see her. Eventually, her boss had to let her go because of the crowd she had caused!

8 Yoon Hyun Min: Professional baseball player

Yoon Hyun Min played for Hanhwa Eagles in 2004. He moved home to Doosan Bears in 2006 and resigned in 2008.

9 Oh Yoon Ah: Racing model

This sexy actress was a racing model before she get her debut in 2004.

10 Jung Hyung Don: Samsung Electronics employee

Jung Hyung Don quit his job at Samsung to become a comedian!

11 Han Suk Kyu: Voice actor

Doctor Romantic’s Han Suk Kyu was a voice actor before he got his start in dramas.

12 Lee Young Ae: Reporter

Saimdang’s Lee Young Ae interviewed TV host Lee Kyung Kyoo’s mother in a 1994 morning show!

13 Shim Eun Ha: Parade member

After high school, Shim Eun Ha played a ballerina in an amusement park parade.

14 Ma Dong Seok: Professional MMA trainer

He majored in athletic training in the United States. After graduation, he worked as an MMA trainer.

15 Lee Si Young: Bathhouse cashier

After failing auditions, she worked as a cashier at a sauna (jjimjilbang)!

In addition, Suzy had a brief stint as an online fashion model. Actor Lee Jong Won was a salesperson, and actress Kang Ye Bin was a kindergarten teacher. Which actor’s story surprised you the most and why?

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