William Levy is one of the most popular actors in the Latin world, but here are 15 things that you never knew about him that will make you love him even more!

1. He was a very cute kid (you probably assumed that) born in Cojimar, a town east of Havana, Cuba.

2. When he moved to Miami with his family, he was a huge baseball fan and hoped to become a professional player.

3. After being discovered for his looks, he became a model and later participated in two reality shows for Telemundo: Isla de la Tentación (Temptation Island) and Protagonista de Novela 2 (Telenovela Stars 2).

4. On Temptation Island he was one of the guys that girls could choose to date to see if they like him more than their real boyfriends… "Temptation," get it?
There he was known as “Willy el cubano” (Willy the Cuban guy).

5. On Telenovela Stars 2 he was a contestant looking to win a chance to act in a telenovela.

6. He was really into it...
But finished in 5th place.

7. There he fell in love with Mexican-American actress Elizabeth Gutierrez in 2002.

8. They totally had a thing going since the beginning.

9. William and Elizabeth then starred in a telenovela together in 2007, called Acorralada. He’s on the left, she’s on the right.

10. They have two beautiful kids together: Christopher Alexander Levy (2006) and Kailey Alexandra Levy (2010).

11. Even though everything seemed to be blissful, in 2011 Elizabeth publicly announced that they were splitting up saying that she “has decided to end the relationship for the sake of their kids and her own well being.”

12. Curiously, in 2011 he also starred in a steamy video with Jennifer Lopez.

13. In June 2013, Elizabeth was spotted in the audience of "Dancing With The Stars" supporting William.

14. She then publicly announced via Twitter that she loves the life William and her have together, and that he is one of the most noble men she knows.
Talk about a change of heart!

15. There will always be rumors, but William Levy seems like a real family man...

...Who is very easy on the eyes.
You already knew that.

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