We can’t let the year pass before reveling in a moment of appreciation for ZE:A’s Im Si Wan, whose amazing lips haunts us in our dreams.

He landed firmly in the hearts of K-drama lovers after playing the young heartthrob Heo Yeom in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Now, he’s gaining even more momentum after a much-praised turn as Song Kang Ho’s son in the film The Attorney, which has become one of the highest-grossing flicks of the year just days after its release.

Just like all the ladies in Sun, all you really need is one glance at the boy before all the pieces of your heart begin flying toward him.

1. We can pinpoint the exact moment we fell in love with him.

It was the first episode of Sun, during which K-drama lovers across the globe shouted simultaneously, "Who is that beautiful man and how do we love on him?"

2. We just couldn't get over his face.

There's...there's light coming from him.

3. Yep, there it is.

4. 1000 points to his super-gene-possessing parents.

5. Those lips, though.

6. Lips, lips, lips.

7. Pillowy, pillowy lips.

(Princess Min Hwa totally knew what was up.)

8. Perfect, perfect lips.

9. Oh, you're so pretty.

10. And so handsome.

And perfect.

11. He gives us the serious stomach fuzzies.

12. Be still, my heart.

13. Are you real?

14. Cat!

Too much cute, we know.

What kind of drama would you like to see Si Wan star in next year?