I officially give up. I give in. I wanted to find Kim Woo Bin unattractive, but it's downright impossible. I don't know how I ever questioned it. Because of Heirs, he's become my, and many others' current #1 celebrity crush, so I only think that it's right for us to look into the times he managed to charm us so hard we couldn't even consider denying him.

1. When he was suave as all hell

2. When he laughed ever so shyly

3. When he was a peaceful flower child

4. When he bit his lip...in a tux

5. When he made us wish it was turtleneck season all year long

6. Or not.............................

7. When all of our hearts broke at once

8. When he totally had a headache but saved a little spot for us on the love seat anyway

9. When he looked like he wanted to kiss Lee Min Ho

10. But was probably just thinking about Lee Jong Suk

11. When he made lollipops look classy

12. When he was rustic-chic (and even taller looking than usual)

13. When he flashed this beautiful smile

14. When he posed for this glorious photograph

15. And when he won first place in the race for my heart

Yeah, the guy never even gave us a chance. Have you found a way to resist? Or have you happily given in? Don't worry, Woo Bin's got enough charm for all of us.