Park Shin Hye is such a sweet, loving person that I'm sure all of us secretly want to be her best friend. February 18 is Park Shin Hye's birthday, and we wanted to congratulate her in a special way. Take a look at the 15 times we had a girl crush on Park Shin Hye!

1. When she showed her impeccable style choice at Chanel Fashion Show

At Chanel Fashion Show, she posed with fashion's big names like Karl Lagerfeld, Emmanuelle Alt, and Liu Wen. 

2. And shared her jewelry looks as an Agatha Paris muse

She's been the face of Agatha Paris for many years now.

3. When she seemed genuinely happy to spend time with fans 

It's obvious that Park Shin Hye is such a goodhearted person from this photo, in which she reenacts one of Pinocchio's popular scenes with fans.

4. When we realized she's gorgeous even without makeup

Park Shin Hye brushed her teeth and washed her face like the rest of us in reality show Three Meals A Day, in which she also shared her best recipes (Keep reading to reveal!)

5. When she helped buddy Lee Eun Sung go through childbirth

Park Shin Hye was by actress Lee Eun Sung's side after she gave birth to a baby boy wth husband Seo Taiji. Will you be there when I give birth, Shin Hye? 

6. When her acting gave us chills in Miracle In Cell No. 7 

She played a sharp lawyer defending her mentally disabled dad.

7. When we realized she's a hot boy magnet

(Photo: Park Shin Hye's Instagram)

If you haven't already realized, she attracts hot boys like a magnet. So many hot boys have fallen in love with her on screen, but this doesn't bother us. They look so cute and share such a sweet moment together that we are in love with not only the hot actors but also with Park Shin Hye. These moments make us wish we could be her or, more realistically, wish we could be her best friend. Check out some of those moments below. 

8. When Lee Min Ho kissed her

Of course we will never forget Heirs.

9. When Kim Woo Bin pursued her

Kim Woo Bin on Heirs was perhaps the best second lead of all K-dramas.

10. When Lee Jong Suk kissed her

My favorite is the toast kiss from Pinocchio.

11. When Kim Young Kwang hugged her

This happened at her Beijing fan meeting.

12. And when Lee Jong Suk was rumored to date her

When Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye were rumored to date, our initial thoughts weren't "Who is that girl?!" but "They look so adorable together!" 

So many guys have fallen in love with her on screen, and she remains friends with all of them. Other than the actors mentioned above, Park Shin Hye is also close friends with Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki, and Jung Yong Hwa.

13. When she spoke openly about love and marriage

(Photo: Park Shin Hye's Instagram)

Despite speculations and rumors about her boys, Park Shin Hye stays strong and principled. In previous interviews, she's said that she doesn't want the world to know about her relationship, that she's never dated a guy more than a year, and that she plans to marry after 30.

14. When she opened a Korean BBQ restaurant for her parents

Park Shin Hye opened a restaurant for parents with the money she's saved from 10 years of working according to Donga News.

15. When she shared her best recipes on Three Meals A Day

She made noodles and potato pancakes for the show's cast members and crew! Learn how to make her Janchi gooksu here.

By the way, actress Kang So Ra shares the same birthday and year with Park Shin Hye.

Do you have a girl crush on Park Shin Hye? What's your biggest reason? Tell us in the comments below!



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