In Hyde, Jekyll, and I, some clues for the viewers to tell Hyun Bin's two personalities apart were through his hairstyle and eyeglasses. At first I thought there was something wrong with my own eyesight when I started noticing the many different eyeglasses. They came in different shapes and colors. Here's a gallery of our handsome guy wearing eyeglasses.

1. Let's start with the square, serious, rigid look when we first meet Seo Jin, the CEO who needed meditation and medications to control his alter ego from appearing and disrupting his life.

2. The famous elevator scene: It begins one of the greatest rescue moment in the history of K-dramas, ever! (If you haven't seen it, check out episode one.)

3. Alas, Robin appeared anyway. Here's actually Robin wearing a pair for fun:

4. Then we proceed with a parade of eyeglasses throughout the show as if he were a model:

5. Still serious, but it's a different pair with a tortoise frame.

6. Round, rimless look for phone conversations.

7. Seo Jin was devious and funny in this scene. He was becoming jealous.

8. I really like this look, especially with the pale blue sweater on him.

9. (Sigh... what's it like to have Hyun Bin standing so close? We'd have to ask Han Ji Min.)

10. Oh, he looks concerned here.

11. Saying no?

12. Saying yes?

13. (Just had to sneak in a photo with his hot bod...)

14. He looks really cute here. This scene is significant in the story.

15. Well, I'll count this one in since he is holding the glasses in his hands:

I don't think it was ever explained why Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) was able to find a different pair of glasses as easily as shoes. Did Robin play tricks on him and give him a different pair when he went to bed?

Ultimately I concluded that these glasses were a way to express how Seo Jin's character changed. We see him transform, step by step over the course of the drama, from a stiff CEO who was all controlling to a lovable hunk. (Of course in the last episodes, he made an even bigger transformation, but I'll leave you to find out on your own.)

So how many pairs of eyeglasses did Seo Jin own? I don't have the final answer. I tried my best to gather the best representative eyewear here, short of using a magnifying glass to check the minute differences. If you catch a pair that's not listed here, please drop me a note in the comments.

Anyway, Hyun Bin is handsome with and without glasses. Don't you agree? Which look is your favorite? See all of the different looks on Hyun Bin by marathoning Hyde, Jekyll, and I:

~ NancyZdramaland