Every kid loves getting balloon animals made at festivals and fairs, but Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto has taken balloon art to a whole new level, creating amazingly realistic balloon animals that will blow your mind!

Masayoshi creates these whimsical little creatures completely out of balloons, which is really impressive. Below are 15 amazing examples of Masayoshi's art that are sure make you feel like a kid again!

1. Fish

2. Penguin

3. Seahorse

4. Praying mantis

5. Bird

6. Jellyfish

7. Dinosaur

8. Bull

9. Turtle

10. Iguana

11. Crab

12. Deer

13. Mouse

14. Parrot

15. Flamingo

Check out Masayoshi's Tumblr for more amazing balloon art! And if you really enjoyed these balloon animals, check out these beautiful curved origami animals!

Anyone else incredibly impressed with Masayoshi's skills? Which balloon animal is your favorite? Comment down below!

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