Pokemon Venusaur   Now you really can catch 'em all! Rare Candy is a new Pokemon gallery and auction in San Jose consisting of 151 pieces of art by 151 artists depicting... you guessed it, the 151 original Pokemon! Best of all, it's for a great cause. 100%o of the profit from the artwork will be donated to Canines for Disabled Kids. This is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of deaf and physically disabled children by partnering them up with trained service dogs. We've caught 25 of our favorite Pokemon below, but to see all 151 and bid for a good cause, head to Doodlebender here. P.S. Who still remembers the names of all these Pokemon? If you do, you win... a gold star! Pokemon Bellsprout Pokemon Chansey Pokemon Charizard Pokemon Clefairy Pokemon Cloyster Pokemon Diglett Pokemon Ditto Pokemon Exeggcute Pokemon Hitmonlee Pokemon Goldeen Pokemon Kadabra Pokemon Kangaskhan Pokemon Doduo Pokemon Flareon Pokemon Magikarp Pokemon Mew Pokemon Squirtle Pokemon Snorlax Pokemon Slowpoke Pokemon Rapidash Pokemon Psyduck Pokemon Pikachu Pokemon Primape Pokemon Onix Pokemon oddish