Part 1 of this list included individual idols and made some fans unhappy because other group members were left out. Fear not! Part 2 is back with a new format that will list all members who are currently active on the social photo site. Here are 16 K-pop groups you should be following on Instagram!


Out of the five-member group, three are currently active on Instagram. G-Dragon (@xxxibgdrgn) loves to post about his fashions and obscure art, while Taeyang (@__youngbae__) shares his musical inspirations and travels. The group's maknae, Seungri (@seungriseyo) is the master of selcas, which he takes EVERYWHERE, including on-stage, on-set, and every place in between.

2. Girls' Generation/SNSD 

The now 8-member girl group is almost whole on the site. The only member who does not currently have an account is Yoona. All of them have fantastic command of the selca, but leader Taeyeon (@taeyeon_ss) posts her artwork, Tiffany (@xolovestephi) loves showing off her puppy, Hyoyeon (@watasiwahyo) posts images from her photo shoots, Yuri (@yulyulk) shares her meals and animals, Seohyun (@seojuhyun_s) posts behind the scenes from her musical, Sooyoung (@syofgg) shares a little bit of everything, and Sunny (@svnnynight) overloads us with aegyo and her cat. For good measure, former member Jessica (@jessica.syj) is also active and shares her activities since her departure from the group.

3. Block B 

The group started this year off with some individual solos, but new sub-unit BASTARZ is causing quite a stir with just their teaser images. Best part of all of it? Some of the boys are active on Instagram! Rapper Kyung (@qkrrud78) shows his best selca and some of their stops from their recent European tour. Dancers and vocalists B-Bomb (@bbomb2011) and Ukwon (@uk_0530) have selca and fashion game so strong, they should probably just stop (but not really).

4. 4Minute 

With their latest comeback "Crazy," it was great to see the girls giving us behind-the-scenes moments! Hyuna (@hyunah_aa), Gayoon (@gayoon_heo), Jihyun (@missnam90), and Sohyun (@kkwonsso_4m) all post frequently. Now if only Jiyoon had an account as well...

5. Super Junior   

ELFs hold SuJu as kings and for good reason. The group has overwhelming popularity in Korea as well as internationally. Just know that following any of these guys is full of antics, selcas, travels, behind -the-scenes shots, and pretty much anything else you could want to see. Find them here: Heechul (@kimheenim), Donghae (@leedonghae), Eunhyuk (@eunhyukee44), Kangin (@kanginnim), Leeteuk (@special_js1004), Shindong (@earlyboysd), Siwon (@siwon1987), and Yesung (@yesung1106). Unfortunately, Ryeowook and Sungmin don't have accounts.

6. Super Junior M  

Wait, aren't they part of Super Junior? Well, unfortunately most just consider Henry (@henryl89) and Zhoumi (@zhoumi0419) to be "guest members" since they are strictly part of the Mandarin promotions. That doesn't mean they are any less talented! Henry posts to his Instagram almost daily, giving everything from cooking and new music to shows he's been acting on. Zhoumi's account is young, but the "Rewind" singer has proven his selca game is already strong.

7. miss A 

Lovers of Suzy (@skuukzky) rejoice! We celebrated her account in Part 1, but if you want more, you can also follow the other members of the group: Fei (@ff0427), Jia (@mjbaby0203), Min (@therealminnn). 

8. EXO 

Last year was tough for the group after losing two members, but oddly they were also allowed more freedom on social media. You can follow 6 of the members here: Baekhyun (@baekhyunee_exo), Chanyeol (@real__pcy), Lay (@zyxjs), Sehun (@oohsehun), Tao (@hztttao), and Xuimin (@exoxm90).


Exciting new things will be happening for BEAST this year as the members are now able to make and promote their music under their own label in Japan. Even better, you can follow the journey by following all 6 members, as they are one of the rare groups where all members use Instagram! Dongwoon (@realbeastdw), Doojoon (@beeeestdjdjdj), Kikwang (@gttk0000), Hyunseung (@89_h), Junhyung (@bigbadboii), and Yoseob (@yysbeast).

10. 2NE1 

There are only 4 members, but there are actually 5 Instagram accounts that work for 2NE1; their official account (@2ne1xxi), and each member's individual account. The official account hasn't posted anything since 2013, but CL (@chaelincl) is currently working on new music for her US debut, Dara (@daraxxi) is working on a drama, Minzy (@_minzy_mz) is dance & selca queen, and Bom (@haroobommi) hasn't posted much since her short stint on Roommate because of a hiatus.

11. F.T. Island 

The boys were excited to release their first self-written/produced album last month with its title track "Pray." We have previously talked about how Hongki (@skullhong12) is basically the king of social media, but his bandmates are also along for the ride. Follow the others: Jonghun (@ftgtjhc), Jaejin (@saico0111), Minhwan (@minhwan12), and Seunghyun (@soow456).

12. Epik High 

If you miss Tablo's antics on The Return of Superman, fear not. You can follow him (@blobyblo) and fellow Epik High members Mithra Jin (@realmithrajin) and DJ Tukutz (@realtukutz) on Instagram. They are gearing up for their first North American tour next month, so be sure to follow them to watch the adventure!

13. Got7 

Fans of Dream Knight will be happy to know that 6 of the 7 group members are on Instagram! Follow JB (@defjeffb), Jr (pepi_jr), Jackson (@jacksonwang852jy), Mark (@mark_tuan), Bambam (@bambam1a), and Yugyeom (@yu_gyeom). Youngjae also had account at one point, but had deactivated it... sad! Don't forget they will be in the states for their first US Fanmeeting Tour next month!

Love GOT7? See the guys in the short web series Dream Knight:

14. F(x)  

F(x) many be the little sisters of SNSD, but their unique style makes them hard to forget. Fans of A Song For You will be happy to know you can follow Amber (@ajol_llama) to watch her crazy antics. You can also follow Krystal (@vousmevoyez), Victoria (@vic_to_ri_a2), and Luna (@fx_luna_sunyoung). Sulli does not currently have an account, but she does pop up on the others' all the time!

15. Infinite 

The boys of Infinite were all over the drama world in 2014. It seems their company has decided to give them more social media freedom as well because three of the seven now have Instagram. You can follow L (@l.ifnt), Woohyun (@nwh91), and Dongwoo (@ddong_gg0), who is especially cute as he shares squishy photos of him and his newborn niece. You also get to see the other boys, HoyaSungyeol, Sungkyu, and Sungjong through their accounts, but we vote that they also make their own!

16. SHINee 

SHINee's back.... Okay, all bad K-pop jokes aside, the boys of SHINee are pretty awesome. With Key (@bumkeyk) and his diva antics to Jonghyun (@jonghyun.948) and his successful solo debut, they have a lot more to show us. While Onew (@dlstmxkakwldrl) is the only other member with an account, I have a feeling that Minho and Taemin will quickly follow.

BONUS: Boyfriend 

Boyfriend is quickly climbing in popularity now that their concepts have become more mature and fantasy-based. Leader Donghyun ( just started his Instagram account this year, but he post frequently and it's fun to watch him and the other members as they go through crazy stage outfits during promotions.

2nd BONUS: DramaFever's Official Instagram

And you can follow the official DramaFever Instagram account @dramafever for more fun memes, hilarious videos, Asian entertainment news, and contests with amazing prizes! 

Phew! That's a whole lot of new accounts to follow! Are you a fan of Instagram? Who are you going to start to follow? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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