Along with its crazy selection of Doritos flavors, Japan is also known for its incredible variety of Kit-Kats. This month, they even opened an entire store in Tokyo dedicated to providing people with Kit-Kats created by gourmet chefs, including seasonal flavors, limited edition flavors, and even flavors based on local delicacies and sold in specific regions. To celebrate Kit-Kats in all their glory, let's take a look at 16 flavors found only in Japan.

Photo credits: Kotaku

16. Red Bean Sandwich

15. Wasabi

14. Brown Sugar Syrup

13. Edamame Soybean

12. Hojicha Roasted Tea

11. Pear

10. Shinshu Apple

9. Matcha-Green Tea

8. Strawberry

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7. Citrus Golden Blend

6. Blueberry Cheesecake

5. Cinnamon Cookie

4. Cheesecake

3. Hot Japanese Chili

2. Purple Sweet Potato

1. Koi Kinako - Dark Soy Flour flavur, Limited Edition

The popularity of Kit-Kats in Japan stems largely from the fact that the Japanese pronounce Kit Kat as ‘kitto katto キットカット,’ which sounds like ‘kitto katsu きっと勝つ,’ which means ‘you'll surely win.’ As a result, people often give Kit-Kats to students taking tests and to friends and family who need a little extra luck.

Personally, I'm a little afraid of the wasabi and hot Japanese chile flavors, but would be totally down for trying the red bean and purple sweet potato Kit-Kats. Which flavors would you try? Comment below!