Christmas time is here and with that, KPOP gifts us with bountiful Christmas music to listen to throughout the holiday. No matter if you are extremely cheerful or feeling melancholy , there is a song that will suit your mood. Let's take a listen to some of the Christmas songs that were released this month.

1. Crayon Pop - "Lonely Christmas"

Crayon Pop make their helmets more festive and kick off December as the first to release their song "Lonely Christmas," a song about wanting to be cheered up during their lonely and depressing Christmas.

2. Cube Entertainment - "Christmas Song"

It's a sweet Christmas song. You can see that the Cube family has really grown.

3. EXO - "Miracle in December"

An emotional song about wanted to be back with a loved one. I admit that I fight back tears whenever I hear this song.

4. Koyote - " After Winter"

A charming winter song by legendary co-ed group Koyote featuring adorable child actress Kal So Won.

5. 2BiC - "Lonely Christmas"

The male vocal duo 2BiC gives us a song as a present for those are spending Christmas alone. It's a song asking to get back together after a breakup.

6. Secret - "I Do I Do"

Secret comeback for their fans with their signature cute style.

7. Park Hyo Shin, Sung Shi Kyung, Seo In Guk & VIXX - "Jelly Christmas"

Renowned singers and charming idol group VIXX serenade us for Christmas and tell a romantic story through unique sand art.

8. CNBlue Jonghyun and Juniel - "Love Falls"

Christmas is considered a romantic holiday in South Korea, this display of a sweet couple fits the ideal for the season.

9. Starship Planet - "Snow Candy"

Starship Planet artists; K.Will, Sistar and Boyfrined come together to celebrate Christmas with us in this delightful song.

10. Mystic89 Ent - "Mystic Christmas 2013"

Yoon Jong Shin, Park Ji Yoon, Lim Kim, Hareem and other Mystic89 artists brings us a delightful Christmas song.

11. T-ara - "Hide & Seek"

Unrequited love hurts, especially around holiday times.

12. BESTie - "Zzang Christmas"

The lovely ladies of BESTie are also lonely for Christmas too? They want their love to come back.

13. AlphaBat - "Surprise Party"

9 handsome boys having fun throwing a Christmas party, what's not to love?

14. Big Hit Artists - "Perfect Christmas"

Lim Jeong Hee, Joo Hee, Jokwon, Rap Monster, & JongKook come together to present us this smooth Christmas project.

15. BOM & HI - "All I What For Christmas is You"

YG ladies Bom and Lee Hi create a subunit and put their own twist on this classic hit song.

16. Shinee - "Colorful"

Shinee decorate for Christmas and also brings us behind the scenes footage of their releases from this year.

Ciera is a writer for TuneN2IM, a website for discovering international music and hosting interviews. She is K-POP biased. To contact the writer, you can reach her on her Twitter - @CiNi501