Heirs star and F(x) member, Krystal Jung is the big 19 today! Not only is this Scorpio multi-talented, but she was also gifted with amazing legs! Have you ever checked out Krystal’s legs?! Long and not too thin, she shows them off whenever possible. If you haven’t felt right about staring, now is the time! Just check out these awesome photos where Krystal’s legs are on display!

16. Did you even notice the little ice cream cones on her shorts?!

15. You know you have great legs when you can wear combat boots with barely any heel and they still look long and shapely.

14. Fur and zebra print shoes are just everything on Krystal!

13. She just looks so comfortable...sort of. I bet that floor is cold.

12. This was Krystal during the F(x) Nu Abo days. Love the song, really can't with the hair, but she pulls off those Beetle Juice tights so well!

11. Look it's Krystal and my Lee Jong Suk showing off their legs! They're both so pretty, and since today is Krystal's birthday I wont say I have the urge to cut her out of this photo. ^_^

10. Ok, she looks hot here with those yellow heels and that white mini dress! I love her with the long hair extensions, probably 26 inches. Meanwhile...PHOTO BOMBED BY SULLI!

9. She makes an amazing jean model, and actually, I'm currently rocking out with a similar two-tone hairstyle! #HairTwin

8. She just looks so chill and relaxed here.

7. Ugh! I keep looking at shoes similar to those!

6. I wonder if they use that body tape to keep her thigh highs from rolling or slipping down?

5. Is it weird that I'm completely fascinated that her outfit matches and pops with those satin balloons?

4. O.M.G! Ok, see her beanie with the veil on it?! Well the "veiled beanie" is by designer Jil Sander and they usually run for about $460 but you can actually buy a $5 beanie and sew some veil fabric to it if you like the look!

3. Up close and personal with Krystal's legs. Hi Luna!

2. Sulli and Krystal giving smoldering gazes to the camera.

1. She's like "My legs are great, just look."

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE