Cats are mischievous little creatures, always going about and doing whatever they want, getting away with whatever trouble they cause just because their actions go unnoticed or because they get forgiven based on cuteness alone. When you see the moment their criminal behavior gets caught on camera, you'll understand why cats are so beloved.

Cats are free spirits, content to be alone, always doing whatever it is that their adventurous soul desires. Their curiosity can get them in trouble at times, especially in the age of cameras all over the place. Below are 15 funny photos of  cats being caught in the act red handed. If any of these cats had to face a judge in court for their misdemeanors, they would only be able to plead one way...


1. "Put that down!"

2. Is this a fake? (Wig and photo?)

3. That probably was the poor fisherman's only catch of the day

4. "Did I do something?"

5. Couldn't help it; they were nacho cheese flavor

6. What a find.

7. "That wasn't my paw."

8. "Sorry, wasn't me. I don't even like salami."

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9. "I thought you were done!"

10. "I don't care if you got a picture."

11. "I thought the take-out was for me."

12. The smell...

13. If anyone's seen a cat at approximately 2 AM on the 17th of October...

14. So that's who's been stealing my money.

15. "I was just stretching."

16. "What do you mean cats only think about themselves?"