On Friday, May 13th the hottest Korean rappers performed their sets for an avid crowd at the Lotte Hotel during  Rapbeat Show & Night 2016. Here are my reactions to the night. 

1. 6PM. The show starts at 7:40 and there's already a looong line to get entrance bracelets. Don't these fans work?!

2. VIP look farther from the stage, but they are, in fact, a small group of people on a raised platform with small tables. I regret my decision not to spring for VIP tickets.

3. Why is Show Me the Money 4 power contestant Microdot the FIRST set? And only 15 minutes?!

4. Well, those were an amazing 15 minutes. Microdot is the reason people showed up on time.

5. Nafla seems like the least well-known performer here, although it's a good crowd. His raps seem relatively simple and he keeps getting the crowd to call out different names, none of which are Nafla, so I need someone to explain this to me.

6. Okay, guys, Bewhy is either straight up amazing, or just spectacular coming after Nafla. He was a strong contestant on Show Me the Money 4, and he's back this season for Show Me the Money 5. Can't wait to see how he does.

7. VMC is a rap group where one of the members is sporting a poof a la Truedy from Unpretty Rapstar 2. I have questions.

8. Huckleberry P is great as well, but the font they used had my friend thinking his name was "Huckleberry ?" the entire time. Plus, the audience pronounces his name like "Hucklebewwy," which is adorable.

9. I found out after the fact that Angdreville (ADV) is the rap group that Show Me the Money 3 competitor Olltii is in, but he was unrecognizable. One of their songs is literally "Suck my D" and another one that sounds a lot like "Call me Old Lady." Olltii did perform his outstanding "XX" rap from SMTM3.

10. Zico CLEARLY has the most backing tracks out of all the artists. He's an idol at heart. As he says, himself, on rapper i11evn’s 2011 mixtape The Next Top 5", “I’m an idol AND a f***ing artist...and I have the drive to pursue both goals.”

11. I have a clear line of sight to Zico, but someone is holding their giant iPhone right in front of his face, so I'm watching through a screen. So close, yet so far.

12. Tons of people are leaving after Zico. What about Zion.T?! And Illionaire?!

13. Zion.T is amazing live, although not exactly rap...

14. He also has a gigantic cast on his hand, which I originally mistook for a fashion statement.

15. Dok2 straight up checked his phone in the middle of his set.

16. Okay, I did not get the hype about Beenzino, but I get it now. He is BEAUTIFUL. And "Profile" is much better live.

Did you watch the show via Rapbeat's V Channel? Are there any Nafla fans out there to defend him?


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