Beginning in July of this year, Disney XD will run 26 episodes of the hit Japanese anime series Doraemon. But before the popular show airs in the United States, Disney has made several changes to the show to fit American television standards. 

While many of these changes are standard Japanese to English translations, some of the tweaks involve removing things from the show that might be considered too harsh for America's often strict television culture. 

Here is a list of 16 things that will be different in the Disney version of the show. 

1) Nobita is now called Noby

2) Suneo is now called Sneech

3) Shizuka's name stays the same, but other characters call her Sue. 

4) Dekisugi is now called Ace

5) Giant is now called Big G

6) The characters in the US version will eat way less sweets and more fruits on screen. 

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7) The Takecopter is now called Hopter

8) The magical item that when you eat it let's you speak and understand any language is now called Translation Gummy. 

9) The iconic Dokodemo Door is now called Anywhere Door. 

10) In the episode called "Hashire Umatake," Nobita's tears are taken out. 

11) In an episode called "Henshin! Dracula Set," a first-aid kit is changed to pizza and the bandages have been taken out. 

12) In the episode called "Doraemon no 100-nen Time Capsule," the baby doll has been changed to a binder or trapper keeper. Also the contents of the time capsule have been changed. 

13) To show a poor test result, the letter 'F' has been added with the '0,' and big red 'X's' have replaced the Japanese check marks to show poor work. 

14) Japanese signs were removed in favor of English signs like this Goda's Goods sign. 

15) US dollar bills replace Japanese yen notes. 

16) Forks have replaced chopsticks, and instead of characters eating omelets with rice, they eat pancakes.