Hyun Bin, star of the hit Hyde, Jekyll and I, is without a doubt a sexy guy. I mean he literally oozes sex appeal to the point “Bin” starts to look like “Bed” when you read his name. He’s also one of those sexy guys who actually get sexier with age! It’s like every year older, another notch is reached on the invisible sexy meter of life, and this year is no different. Today is Hyun Bin’s 31st birthday and we’re celebrating by sharing some of his most “Bed-Licious” photos. They're the the type of photos you look at and nothing innocent at all comes to mind.

16. Doesn't he look like he's totally longing for you?!

15. That moment dinner is over and he's got you on the dessert menu.

14. Umm who else do you know that can look that handsome in a freakin wrap skirt?! #OnlyHyunBinOppaCAN

13. You can never go wrong with black and white, hair in the eyes, and staring directly at the camera. See how he draws you in?!

12. Hyun Bin is like: "I've been waiting since I was in Secret Garden for you."

11. "How about you trade places with this wall I'm randomly pressed up against instead?"

10. Facial hair or not, Hyun Bin is just one of those guys who can pull off any look.

9. He's judging you and guess what? His hotness allows him to judge who ever he pleases.

8. So hot it doesn't even matter that he's sitting in a tub of water with clothes on. Like whatever, just enter that wet t-shirt contest #THANKS

7. Photos like these really make you appreciate designers like CK. If it wasn't for Calvin's vision of mens underwear, this photo of Hyun Bin probably wouldn't exist.

6. This would be what Hyun Bin looks like when he comes to you in a dream, or better yet when he fell from Heaven. (-_-)

5. Cut to real life and you would have been in his face will your cell phone like "USE THIS INSTEAD!!!"

4. Hyun Bin's nipple.

3. PAUSE while I print this photo out! (-_-)

2. I know right?! The Hair in his face, the smoldering look with the eyes, the collar with the buckles! He is just screaming "BED-LICIOUS!"

1. But in the end, a natural moment captured along with dimples and pretty eyes will always be the most swoon-worthy! ^_^

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE