Jang Geun Suk, otherwise known as the "Prince of Asia" due to his huge success as a Kpop artist and in shows like You're Beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night, and Love Rain, might well just be the prettiest guy on the planet. It's only fitting, therefore, that his new drama is titled Pretty Man! Just to prove how beautiful he is, let's take a look at 16 times he was definitely prettier than us!

1. When he pulled off pink ombre hair and a paisley shirt.

2. When he actually made crazy, curly hair look good (better than Mi Rae from Marry Him If You Dare, that's for sure!).

3. When he did the toe touch better than any cheer leader.

4. When the sunlight graced his glowing porcelain skin.

5. When his makeup was flawless (not sure about the origin of this photo, but wow!).

6. When he so effortlessly did the "sexy wet hair" look (and most of us just look like wet dogs).

7. When he had better legs than 90% of the female population.

8. When his lips were so enviably full and shimmery (plus who looks that good rubbing their eyes like a two year old?).

9. When he looked so lovely in a sheer white shirt.

10. When he looked like an angel while dreaming of all his fans (I mean, right?).

11. When he had such perfect, pearly white teeth and a smile to match.

12. When his hair had just the right amount of curls and volume.

13. When his eyes were so alluring.

14. When he pulled off pink and made glasses look good.

15. When he made all the tropical birds jealous (plus where can I get this lipgloss?).

16. And when he somehow managed to combine three hairstyles into one glorious updo (I mean, most people would look like prom gone wrong in this situation).

Now the real question is, who is prettier at the Pretty Man script reading, Jan Geun Suk or IU?

No wonder she does a double take!

Which time do you think he was the prettiest? Comment below!

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