If you were to tell me that cats have been taking selfies, I would say that you are lying, but then hope I was really wrong. Thankfully, cat selfies are real, my friends, and they are just about the best thing on the Internet. I know some of you might be thinking that the selfie trend is getting out of control, but trust me when I say that cats somehow taking pictures of themselves is worth everybody's time.

The best part of the kitty selfie photos is how close the animals get to the camera without ever knowing exactly what's going on. The cats also have a way of capturing themselves making faces that are downright hilarious. Check out the incredible self-portraits.

1. The "up close and personal" selfie

2. The "who cares about my other eye?" selfie

3. The "I could be sleeping" selfie

4. The "Comment on how good I look!" selfie

5. The "I'm watching you" selfie

6. The "Is anyone home?" selfie

7. The "I don't know how to blink" selfie

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8. The "Oh hey, it's me" selfie

9. The "I lost my neck" selfie

10. The "Give me your wallet" selfie

11. The "Jabba the Hutt" selfie

12. The "I'm scared of selfies" selfie

13. The "roller coaster upside down" selfie

14. The" totally adorbs" selfie

15. The "I could punch you" selfie

16. The "face first" selfie

17. The "Where I am?" selfie