Days after the end of Good Doctor, we're still pining over our favorite mushy-on-the-inside doctor Joo Sang Wook, who manages to be sexy and lovable at the same time. That sort of astronomical fineness doesn't come around too often, so we must celebrate, treasure, and appreciate him accordingly with these 17 photos!

1. Really, who's going to resist this?

2. This scarred warrior look is really working on him.

3. So is this yawn. Something something getinmybed

4. But not as much as him wearing this adorable fuzzy sweater so we can cuddle after.

5. Speaking of adorable and fuzzy, check out this smile.

6. My goodness.

7. He's got those cute little crinkles at the ends of his eyes.

8. Ugh. Stop. Stop it with the smiling and the life-ruining, please.

9. Here he's pondering whether he really is that good-looking and perfect and whether he's welcome to be in my long, detailed, drawn-out dreams.

10. Answer: Yes.

11. But really. Cease being too hot to bear at once, good sir.

12. Maybe if we turn him sideways -- oh. Oh, that's very nice.

13. He even pulls off this silly coat. We'd prefer it off, though.

14. Yes. Much better.

15. Here he is as a police academy instructor. Honestly, who was learning anything with this around?

16. We wish we were this Taekwondo uniform.

17. And this scarf.

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