Since 2003, photographer Choi Sae Hyun has been taking photographs of Idols and actors with babies to raise awareness of all the children in need of adoption in Korea. Every year, a gallery exhibit is held with photos of not only celebrities with babies, but of the babies themselves and children with and without disabilities. Below are just some of the precious and heartwarming photos taken over the years with your favorite celebrities.


Leader Doo Joon with members Yoseob and Dong Woon giving major aegyo with the baby!

I love how Yoseob looks like a proud daddy holding the baby!

2. 2PM

2 things stand out here: The baby's bum and Wooyoung holding his little foot with the facial expression that reads "Whoa look I'm holding his foot!"

3. 2NE1

It's leader CL with Dara!


BIGBANG's leader during the 'Heartbreaker' days with a totally bald baby! They seem to have the same eyes!

The baby just realized GD was holding him.

5. Choi Ji Woo

She's smiling, the baby is smiling, and now we're all smiling.

6. Jang Keun Suk

He's looking at that baby so lovingly!

The two of them look so pretty

7. Lee Min Jung

The baby looks so happy!


The girls of KARA were lucky enough to cuddle with two cute babies!

9. Joo Ji Hoon

The baby is looking at him like "Hmm, so that's how you look sexy for the camera"

HAHA! The baby looks like he saw something ratchet off set!

10. Yoon Eun Hye

O.M.G that baby is so tiny and has the most amazing hair! The baby is an IDOL!


Have you died yet?! Jong Hyun, Yong Hwa, Min Hyuk, and Jung Shin were made to pose with babies! Notice the babies giving pouty lips at the camera!

I know, I know, Kang Min Hyuk has just destroyed your life with this photo. This photo is worth keeping!

12. Lee Seung Gi

Hands down this baby wins "Best Hair"

13. Nichkhun

Between his face and the baby's face I dunno which is better!

14. Lee Min Ho

Hopefully this baby will always remember Lee Min Ho gazing and smiling at him.

The baby is like "I'm in his arms, you mad?"

15. Lee Byung Hun

Ha! The baby is totally luxuriating in Lee Byung Huns arms!

15. Yoon Si Yoon

As soon as you got your life back from that Kang Min Hyuk photo, Yoonie comes in and destroys it again.

I'd like to suggest Yoonie's next drama involve him being a single father so I can screenshot the life out of baby holding scenes!

16. Park Shi Hoo

I love him and the baby!

17. BTS

By the looks of this photo someone please put BTS in Hello Baby so I can laugh. That little baby looks terrified haha!

It's so great that all these celebrities donate their time and talent to such a great cause! My favorite photo was Kang Min Hyuk's with his head resting on the back of the baby. Which was yours?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE