Being an avid Korean drama fan means dedicating a good chunk of your time to your favorite search engine, so it's guaranteed that we all share similar search histories. New dramas bring plenty of new questions and curiosities, and it can't be helped that we want to know, um, everything. Here are some K-drama related searches that may look awfully familiar to you:

1. "*Actor Name* Ceci/High Cut magazine"

(Kim Woo Bin)

2. "*Actor Name* speaking English"

(Lee Min Ho)

3. "Korean dramas with the best kisses"

Hey, look! DramaFever is the first result! Daebak! Speaking of "daebak..."

4. "What does *Korean word/phrase* mean?"

5. "*Actor name* Running Man episode"

There's almost always (at least) one.

6. "*Name of drama* OST"

Hyorin usually shows up at some point. We can always use more Hyorin OST songs.

7. "Real life age difference between *drama name* couple"

You really never know with these noona romances like I Hear Your Voice + actors' flawless skin.

8. "Extension announcement for *drama name*"

9. "Where to buy jewelry from *drama name*?"

Like the beautiful necklace from Master's Sun.

10. "Are *two drama leads* dating in real life?"

Unfortunately, outside of fanfic land, the answer is usually a resounding "no." Not even for Krystal and Minhyuk in Heirs.

11. "List of all 'Flower Boy' series"

12. "*Actor name* military service"

This search usually ends with tears on your keyboard no matter what the result.

13. "*Actor name* plastic surgery"

(from Pretty Man)

14. "Where to buy soju?" Or the more advanced "Where to buy boxed soju?"

15. "*Actor name* tattoos"

So that's why we were cheated out of a So Ji Sub shower scene.

16. "*Actor name* outfit, episode 12"

(from My Love From Another Star)

17. "*Actor name* high school photos"

Of course, there's always the "filmography" search, but that's a given. What other searches come up all too often in your suggested list? Comment below!