Mandy Wang is a self-proclaimed aspiring Disney and Marvel artist from San Diego, California, and it's safe to say she's well on her way to accomplishing her dreams. With an old-school method of drawing with colored pencils, and with her infectious, joyous personality that actually shows through the computer screen, Mandy is gaining fans all over the internet, with over 70,000 followers and growing on Instagram. Mandy is a pretty awesome 17 year old.

Just spending time on her Tumblr page, you can tell how special Mandy is. Not only is she so talented as an artist, but she seems to enjoy drawing, and it's obvious just how much she loves art and living life. She seems so happy! She has quotes she likes to go along with her drawings, and she writes a few things herself. Not only does she draw favorite Disney and Marvel characters, both places she dreams of working at one day, but she draws and colors anything she feels, and it's hard to believe she is only 17. From the looks of things, it seems that Mandy's definitely going to be keeping up with her drawing and coloring, which means she's just going to keep getting better and better. And that's pretty awesome, especially because you know Mandy's going to be enjoying it.

Check Mandy out at and You can stop by her YouTube channel too.

Anna and Elsa

Anna Elsa

Mandy did this Anna drawing when she was 16!

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Mandy loves Thor

She loves Captain America too!

And she looooooves Taylor Swift

So talented...

Chuck Taylors over a puddle

How to Train Your Dragon 2