Charismatic Elvis Han is a brand new star who rose to fame with Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, the 2015 fantasy drama that has become the hottest favorite of the Chinese period drama and paranormal genres. I previously featured the cute and sexy Elvis Han, and here is a sequel for fans to learn more about him and enjoy more fun photos.

1. The cute baby turns into a handsome star! The 23-year-old Han Dong Jun (Elvis Han) looked really cute as a button as a child, didn't he? 

2. Cute again! While he was studying in Vancouver in 2011, by chance he joined the cast of the film Vancouver Rock and Roll.

He played a musically talented Chinese teenager who went to Canada to meet his mother, who had divorced his father a long time ago.

3. He definitely pursues what he wants! When Elvis realized acting was his true calling, he returned to China from Canada to enter the Shanghai Theatre Academy, over the strong objection of his entire extended family.

Lucky for him, he has become almost an overnight sensation because of Wu Xin: The Monster Killer. Otherwise, the pressure from his family probably would have been unimaginable.

4. He has a vivid imagination! In playing the role of Wu Xin, Elvis said the biggest challenge to him was having to imagine how to fight monsters because he couldn't see or touch the creatures that only existed in special effects. He had to really focus and practice many times to immerse himself into the role.

(Fans are probably not looking at the imaginary monsters, either.)

5. Which other handsome star does he resemble? Many reports have compared his handsome looks to top stars like Leehom Wang, Wallace Huo, or even Korean star Jung Yong Hwa

Han was asked how he felt about the comparisons. He replied that he appreciated the attention paid to him, but he would rather just focus on improving himself and what he does instead of worrying about who he resembles in appearance. 

(I think he is absolutely right. Don't you?)

6. How does Han take care of his face? He said just the usual, like using facial masks and putting primer on before makeup. He also admitted to looking into a mirror to check himself, occasionally, when he passes one by. 

(That's really candid of him to admit checking himself out when he walks by a mirror. How many male stars would admit to the same?)

7. He maintains a 145-lb physique! He likes all sort of sports, including basketball, skiing, racing, boxing, and of course he enjoys visiting the gym. Once when he was studying for a tough exam, his family made him eat more and he gained 20 extra pounds.

He resumed his exercise regimen and returned to his normal weight of around 145 pounds. Whew!

8. He and Wu Xin's co-star Jin Chen (Gina Jin) are good friends, and perhaps more? We don't know, but we certainly love their photos together.

Elvis has said he really likes Gina's open and generous personality.

9. Elvis Han is one of the hottest young actors in China because of Wu Xin: The Monster Killer. Here are photos from Chinese Paladin 5, which is slated for release in 2016:

10. What is his best personality trait? According to Elvis, he doesn't like to lose. When Elvis wants to compete, it is not because of jealousy or envy, but because he wants to prove that he can do it too. He admires the other successful stars, and he wants to learn from them to hone his own acting craft.

You deserve another bonus for appreciating Elvis Han!

BONUS: Elvis Han in a rare moody shot:

A very manly look!

It's so nice to see a 23-year-old rising star who is also thoughtful and purpose-minded.

Are you watching Wu Xin: The Monster Killer? Check it out below!

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