We already got you covered if you need a daily dose of Instagram guy candy with 18 of the hottest K-drama male actors, but don't miss out on the sexy, beautiful, and talented Korean actresses who have fun official Instagram accounts too. Here are 18 of the hottest K-drama actresses you need to follow now!

1. Park Shin Hye (HeirsPinocchio)

Follow her @ssinz7

2. IU (ProducerYou're the Best, Lee Soon Shin)

Follow her @dlwlrma

 3. Yang Jin Sun (My Unfortunate BoyfriendBride of the Century)

Follow her @jinsung_627

4. Song Hye Gyo (Full HouseThat Winter the Wind Blows)

Follow her @kyo1122

5. Suzy (Dream High, Gu Family BookArchitecture 101)

Follow her @skuukzky

6. Gong Hyo Jin (ProducerThe Master's Sun)

Follow her @rovvxhyo

7. Park Min Young (HealerCity Hunter)

Follow her @rachel_mypark

7. UEE (Fool's LoveGolden Rainbow)

Follow her @uieing

8. Park Jin Joo (Sensory CoupleMy Unfortunate Boyfriend)

Follow her @jinjoo1224

10. Min Do Hee (Answer Me 1994, Boarding House No. 24, Tomorrow's Cantabile)

Follow her @mindohee

11. Han Ye Seul (Birth of a Beauty)

Follow her @leslie_allwehaveisus 

12. Krystal (HeirsMy Lovable Girl)

Follow her @vousmevoyez

13. Kang So Ra (Jeju Island GatsbyDoctor Stranger)

Follow her @reveramess_ 

14. Sooyoung (Dating Agency: Cyrano)

Follow her @hotsoostuff

15. Kim So Eun (Boys Over FlowersScholar Who Walks the Night)

Follow her @socun89

16. Ha Ji Won (Secret GardenThe Time I Love You 7,000 Days)

Follow her @hajiwon1023 

17. Kim Sa Rang (My Love Eun Dong)

Follow her @sugarrbabylove  

18. Clara (Emergency Couple)

Follow her @actressclara

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Which of these hot Korean actresses are you following on Instagram? Who did I miss? Comment below!